Sunday, May 10, 2009

10th May 2009 - Who's made a mark this week?

Spyglass Glare
18" x 24", Pastel on Archival Paper

copyright Kim Lordier

Kim Lordier is doing a couple of pastel demonstrations at the International Association of Pastel Societies convention at the end of this month. She's also been featured in national periodicals including Fine Art Connoisseur, Southwest Art, American Artist and The Pastel Journal and has won awards for her landscapes of local scenery in North California.

This week it's the Carmel Art Festival and Kim's got a solo show "Inspired by Light" at James J Rieser Fine art in Carmel-by-the-Sea which opens this week. Her pastels are amazing and are the sort of thing I'd hoped to do when visiting Carmel - but you can't beat a local artist for knowing the best locations and the right sort of light for capturing a scene! I had a lovely time looking through her works not only for the exhibition, but also those paintings which have already sold (gorgeous!).

Art Blogs

Drawing and sketching

Coloured pencils and pastels
  • In Sunburst, Jacqueline Gnott (Contemporary Realism) provides a very useful tip about what she looks for when phtoographing flowers for reference photos.
  • Jeanette Jobson (Illustrated Life) has been experimenting with oils and the Zorn palette - take a peek at Zorn palette and Portrait in Zorn
  • see also some very interesting and educational posts about painting in the Art Education section
  • Richard Long has changed the face of British sculpture. His works are as simple as a track in the snow or a stone circle - left to nature and for passers-by. He told Guardian reporter Sean O'Hagan how walking has inspired his life's work in One step beyond. An exhibition of his work Richard Long: Heaven and Earth can be seen at Tate Britain from 3rd June until 6th September 2009. I've got it tagged as a recommended "must see".
  • I adore Storm King Wavefield (in Mountainville, New York) by Maya Lin - seen here as part of slideshow of her work. It's seven rows of undulating rolliwng waves of earth and grass. Her website is very odd - but you begin to understand how it works with a bit of experimentation! :) Once you've worked out the chronology works so that the most recent are on the left rather than the right and that there is more information in the top right hand corner that is! ;)
Utilizing technological methods to study and visualize the natural world, Ms. Lin takes micro and macro views of the earth, sonar resonance scans, aerial and satellite mapping devices and translates that information into sculptures, drawings and environmental installations.
Maya Lin website

Botanical Art
Art Group Blogs
  • Charley Parker (Lines and Colors) has done a review of A Virtual Paint Out (which I mentioned in this post last week)
  • Vivien Blackburn (Paintings, Prints and Stuff) has issued a challenge to draw/paint skies - see challenge!
  • I started out wanting to find all the posts which linked to the EDM Challenge 222 - Draw your favorite drawing tool but didn't succeed. Whenever I try to find things to do with EDM I always end up feeling like there's got be a page somewhere which I haven't yet found. For example, when I go to The EDM Super Blog I never seem to see posts which are about the latest drawing challenge. Then I go to the EDM Flickr Group and can't find all the images posts linked to a specific challenge in either the gallery or the discussion group. I wonder if ti's possible to start a new blog just for those participating in the EDM challenges?

Art Business and Marketing

Art and the economyArt Collectors
  • I LOVED Ruth Jameson's take on the "(non-)subversive-graffiti-turned-nest-egg thing" and her analysis of who actually buys it in Urban art? Keep it on the street

Artists Communities and Art Forums

Art Competitions

Becca by Nicole Caulfield
coloured pencil
copyright Nicole Caulfield / used with permission of the artist

Art Education / Tips and techniques

Art Exhibitions

  • I reviewed two exhibitions this week - both concerned with portraiture:
Time out from viewing Kuniyoshi
8" x 11", pencil and coloured pencils in sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Art History

Art Museums and Galleries

Art Studios

  • I am so impressed with Casey Toussaint's husband! Take a look at her studio with its 'black-out blinds in Latest Oil Painting on Rue Manual Bis. This is the blog post about the approach (the Carder method) which stimulated Jana's post above.
  • If you'd like to see Nicole Caulfield's studio skip on over to her blog and be a late visiter to the Keene Art Stroll!

Art Supplies

Book reviews


The "3-strikes" rule says that you can have your Internet connection taken away after a copyright holder accuses you of infringement three times -- but the rightsholder doesn't need to show any evidence that you've done anything wrong.

Websites and Blogging

and finally.........

Here's a problem posed by a reader. Can you help out with a way out of this dilemma? I've already sent her my suggestions but what do you think might be the best approach?
I have an odd sort of issue. I have one buyer who wants to be informed immediately every time I finish a (particular type of) painting. He bought the four I have made so far. That has been great, but now I have another person that wants to be the first to know when a new (same type of) painting comes out. I would love to gain another collector, but I do not want to lose the other one.

What would you do? I wasn't sure of where to look for my answer, so I thought I would go straight to you.
If you've got a dilemma, contact me via email to tell me all about it and we can see if the wisdom of crowds has a solution!


  1. Thanks for the link! I always love reading your weekly roundups - so much interesting food for thought!

  2. Thank you for another great roundup. Fun issue at the end to ponder upon. Id also like to know the answer to this :)


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