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17th May 2009 - Who made a mark this week?

I'm intrigued by the way the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers manage to combine their support for very old and traditional ways of making prints while at the same time providing scope for printmaker members to experiment with new forms of print-making.

Blooming by Ursula Leach RE
carborundum, hand coloured etching, 36 x 36 cm

Their Annual Exhibition of original prints includes techniques ranging from traditional etching, lithography, wood engraving and mezzotints, to the latest in digital and photographic media. This exhibition is now on at Bankside Gallery and will continue until 7th June.

One of the excellent aspects of this exhibition is the range of events and educational activities which are held throughout the exhibition:
They've also used the exhibition to launch their new book “Printmakers’ Secrets”. This contains intriguing accounts of the work of nearly seventy of the Members.

Isn't it interesting how many art societies of international repute are producing books? I hope all the printmaking fans who read this blog enjoy the above links to artist/printmakers - they contain some impressive work.

Art Blogs

Drawing and sketching
(Left) Ludgate Hill from the steps of St Paul's Cathedral 11th May 2009 7pm
(right) Bronze figure of a deity
pencil sketches in sketchbook by Katherine Tyrrell

Coloured pencils and pastels
Nature drawing
  • Gesa Helms (paint and pastel) has been combining great painting and interesting blog posts of late - I must confess I do like blogs where an artist can write thought-provoking posts as well as paint.
  • This is drawing and it's digital but I think it's painting! See Wally Torta's take on a New Orleans Bar on Crackskullbob
  • I giggled at Ruth's explanation, on meanwhile, here in France of the name of the home of Postcard from Provence - do read Life in the Cuckoo
Art Group Blogs

Art Business and Marketing

Art and the economy
Art Collectors

Artists Communities and Art Forums

  • The BBC has launched the Blast Studio . This an interactive art installation which is housed in The Topolski Studio at London's Southbank Centre, that will allow young people to create a piece of collaborative work in real-time over the internet. BBC Blast is the social learning initiative that supports the development of creative skills in 13 to 19 year olds.This is the Blast Message Board for Art & Design.
  • I came across Canada's Group of Twelve this week.

Art Education / Tips and techniques

Art Exhibitions

Art History

Iris flowers and grasshopper (1830-31)
woodblock colour prints
Hokusai Katsushika (1760 - 1849) Source: wikimedia

Art Studios

Book reviews

Websites and Blogging

  • Rose Welty (Rose Welty - blog) changed blogging platforms recently and has written about it in Changing Blog Platforms: Was It Worth It?
  • The Download Blog reviewed the next generation of Windows in Everything Windows 7 RC. Plus here's a Contrasting Windows: New feature comparison from the same blog which looks at Windows 7 alongside Vista and XP.
  • I came across Feedmil for the first time - it looks promising. It made me think it had been spawned by Google Blog Search after a close encounter with StumbleUpon! What I found really interesting is that it tells you about popularity, authority and frequency. Try searching for topics of interest to you. My feeling is that it doesn't discriminate enough as yet about what content actually is as opposed to what authors would like it to be.
Feedmil is a feed search engine featuring a spam-free, topic-focused search for a variety of feed types including blogs, microblogs, public and social media feeds as well as podcasts. Feedmil’s goal is to help people search feeds of interest in the most efficient and easiest possible way through the use of innovative technologies and user interfaces.

and finally.........

I'm now off to Hays Galleria and the Pool of London to sketch with the Friends of the RWS. Doubtless you'll see the results very soon on my sketchbook blog! Guess what - it's just started raining! [Update: I got to the station only to find that the London Underground is experiencing major disruption to my tube lines today so I'm not going to sketch - and get wet - today after all!]

For those who have not yet found it, I'll leave you with a link to the story that changed politics in the UK and "the raging storm" which is the Daily Telegraph Letters page which is much preoccupied with MPs expenses - the topic which has been a constant topic of conversation in the UK this week. I'll leave you with a quote from one of them.........
My cousin in Boston, Massachusetts, says that your continuing exposure of our sordid parliamentary doings is holding people spellbound on the other side of the Atlantic. My friends in Australia are also agog, emailing daily comments and jokes.
Making a Mark reviews......


  1. Another wonderful post Katherine - complete with delicious sketches. Your Sunday posts are like the Sunday Times to me - coffee and Katherine, what would I do with you?

    Hostage models indeed hehehe

  2. I'm glad you got the tease! It was the bars on the transport create which did it for me. ;)

    They're such cutie pies - but, seriously, have you got your hearing back after their serenade?

  3. WHOOPS - that's as in "transport CRATES"!

  4. Seems we both have typing dyslexia today! I meant to say 'what would I do 'without' you!

    And yes, hearing restored, but the chatter of 200 tiny voices goes on in the barn.

    BD is heading outside to get away from it!

  5. I envy you (now and always) all the fantastic opportunities you have to see art in London! You are never short of inspiration on that score and many others. I am sorry about the rain and the transport interruption, though ;D. I guess there's no Eden anywhere.
    I've always admired your contrejour drawings. The two today are lovely and very atmospheric.
    Oh, and thank you for your very supportive mention of my wedding sketches and new blog banner, Katherine.
    I'm with Jeanette, as you know, in comparing you to the Sunday Times---only I think of you as the preMurdoch Sunday Times. I still can't believe it has been supplanted by that tabloid rag!
    I'm now going to look up your post on signatures!
    I don't think I've ever heard anyone address this topic, but I'm sure it is one we've ALL thought about!

  6. Katherine, I was just about to write about my envy of the delights of London and most notably the printmaking exhibition (though off to buy the book now... I've been seriously bitten by that printmaking bug), when I scrolled along and then blush considerably. Thank you! The feedback is much appreciated! It really is... especially since I'm kind off trying out a few 'concepts' that sit across art and academia and the rest of my life; so my 'interesting posts' are the result of much fumbling. Will fumble on :)
    Thank you!


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