Tuesday, April 14, 2009

If you like talking about art supplies and art books.........

To all artists who buy art books and art supplies (I'm guessing that will be all of you?)

You are invited to visit my new blog Making a Mark reviews...... on 'launch day' and read An introduction to "Making a Mark reviews......" which is about:
  • why I'm creating this new blog
  • what this blog will focus on and cover
  • how it will work - what principles underpin it
  • how you can get involved.
Tomorrow the reviews start!

First up is a review of award-winning artist Alyona Nickelson's new book Colored Pencil Painting Bible - while over here on Making A Mark there will be an interview with Alyona.

You'll find options in the side column for subscribing to this new blog or adding it to the blogs that you follow in Blogger.

I hope to see you over there! :)


Teresa Mallen said...

Best wishes on the launch! Of course your new blog will be excellent and most enjoyable. I am looking forward to your thoughts on Alyona's book.

Laureline said...

This will be wonderful! And I know you needed something to fill your copious free time ;D.
Will you allow guest reviews?

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Thanks Teresa and Laura

Absolutely re the guest reviews. In fact I'm looking forward to them!