Sunday, April 12, 2009

12th April 2009 - Who's made a mark this week?

Easter Ducklings on the Ecology Park Ponds

I'm a very happy Easter Bunny because I managed to find and buy a new computer base unit yesterday. Having had a Vaio laptop that has now died three times and a desktop which was still malfuntioning after a repair I decided enough was enough! Even if they were repaired I'd got to the point where it felt like neither was reliable any more. I've now got a new base unit with a very fast CPU and an excellent graphics card. I'm minus a compatible graphics program at the moment but will get that sorted tomorrow - hence pics this Easter Sunday are strictly limited to photos of Spring in East London.

Thank you to all of you who suggested what you've found reliable in the way of computers. Both PC and Mac users might like to take a look at people had to say about Macs running Windows and what an ex Mac User had to say re the Mac vs PC debate in More computer problems. Personally speaking I've been amazed at how difficult it is to now buy a computer quickly which isn't entry level!

I'm also back on my feet - at last - and walking around normally after three weeks of minimal movement. I went out for my first longish test walk last Wednesday without too many problems and was able to photograph the Ecology Park Ponds springing and greening. Mrs Mallard has had her ducklings and the brood was having swimming lessons!

Art Blogs

Congratulations to....
22nd World Wide Sketchcrawl
Yesterday was the 22nd World Wide Sketchcrawl . Unfortunately I was much preoccupied with a sick car and sick computers and didn't get a chance to participate. Here are some of the people who did
Tools of The Trade, my newest blog, documents my learning curve as the Artist In Residence at the Oak Park Police Department. Follow along as I work to visually express concepts and tools of law enforcement, experiment with new media and try new ways of thinking about my art making
Group Blogs
Marsh Marigolds at the Ecology Park Ponds

Art Business and Marketing

Art Competitions
  • My post - Threadneedle Prize Registration Opens - on Thursday notes the changes in the call for entries and the juors for 2009 and provides some practical suggestions re the logistics of submitting work to a location in Hackney, London.
Art Education
Art Exhibitions

Art fairs
Art exhibitions
  • I'm very fed up that the combination of being off my feet and computer problems meant that I missed the exhibition of the Royal Institute of Painters in watercolour - however Vivien Blackburn (Paintings, Prints and Stuff) went last Saturday and this is her review of the Watercolour exhibition in London
What I love about this society is their openness - to them watercolour is about making paintings and not making pictures in narrow confines dictated by some committee who are full of 'thou shalt nots'. Watercolours were mixed with acrylic, gouache, pastel., oil pastel, charcoal, collage and more making for vibrant imaginative work alongside beautifully subtle pieces.
Art History

The landscapes painted by Cezanne are apparently under threat from the new route for the TGV through Provence. See Rail threat to Cézanne's landscape in The today's Observer.

Artists Studios
Art Supplies
  • On Tuesday I announced that A new blog - Making a Mark Reviews will start this next week. (Now you can imagine what I felt like after announcing that and the laptop died for the third time!)
Tips and techniques
Websites and blogging
and finally......

You can read an interview with me in on Cathy Johnson's Art Tips - it's the second in her tips about keeping an art blog.


  1. so glad you're back on your feet.

    bonne courage

  2. Thanks for sharing my studio move Katherine. While you've been conquering computers I've been trying to conquer the studio - it's amazing what I've managed to fit into 10'x10'! :)

    Hope you and the computers are finally recovered to enjoy Easter!

  3. Gratz Katherine on the new desktop!
    Hopefully this will be the end of your problems and challenges. So very happy the Easter Bunny knew exactly what you needed!

  4. Thanks Katherine for mentioning my Tools project. Congrats on getting up and running again both computer wise and mobility wise. Happy Spring!

  5. I'm so grateful for the link to Paul at Learning to See. I loved seeing his step by step of the flowers, but on top of that I followed his links to his studies based on the Munsell Color book, something I've been very interested in. It was wonderful seeing his studies based on the book with his notes. My favorite thing about Sundays is your weekly Who's Made a Mark. Years ago I used to spend Sundays with the Sunday NY Times. Now it's Who's Made a Mark This week. Thanks also for the links to my sketches. I'm having such fun with the Fake Journal concept.


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