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5th April 2009 - Who's made a mark this week?

Hot Spot - a finalist in Wildlife Artist of the Year 2009
8" x 20", coloured pencils on Arches HP
copyright Gayle Mason

It's always really nice to be able to feature the artwork of a friend. This week the feature image is by my CP buddy and friend Gayle Mason of Fur in the Paint and West Yorkshire. It's also a very special drawing as Gayle is one of three UKCPS members who have had their work accepted for the Wildlife Artist of the Year 2009 exhibition to be held at the Mall Galleries, London from 1st-6th June 2009.

The two other UKCPS members are Jonathan Newey and Margaret Edwards. You can read more about this in Three UKCPS members to exhibit in "Wildlife Artist of the Year 2009"
on the UKCPS News blog

You can see Gayle's devlopment of Hot Spot - which rejoiced for a while in the name "Steasle" while we voted on whether we thought it was Stoat or a Weasel - on her blog in these posts:
When I was watching the stoat on the Loch side running in and out of the huge boulders I couldn't help comparing its brief lifespan to the endless eons the rocks had been in existence. That was my concept behind the painting, a tiny bright spark in a large monochrome landscape.
Gayle says she got through an awful lot of French Grey coloured pencils while doing all those rocks! This drawing is a development of a particular style that Gayle has developed for some of her work. It involves the drawings being largely monochrome with a splash of colour. It's a style which has proved very successful in relation to her feline art and which can be seen in "Cats with a Splash". She even managed to sell one of new drawings in this style twice at the Society of Feline Artist's exhibition in 2007! The second purchaser got the same cat drawn again but with a different eye colour! Gayle has also exhibited her wildlife art with the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art in Cheshire and the Marwell International Wildlife Art Society at Marwell in Hampshire. You can see more of her wildlife art on her website.

Update on the awful computer problems!

Now - the rest of this post is going to be somewhat shorter than usual due to the dire problems I've had this week with my computers. Thanks to those who left kind comment and/or notes of sympathy.

On Monday I learned how to do a system restore - and resurrected my laptop from the dead! It took a little time - see Hello Computer! On Thursday it died again. I've now learned from the web that Sony Vaio owners have been experiencing the problem I'm having (refusal to boot when switched on) on a range of Vaio models since 2003 - check out thse two very long thread in Hardware Analysis - Sony Vaio laptop wont boot? (99 PAGES!!) and Sony VAIO Notebook won't start ... often. The solution for me has been to: take out the mains lead to run on battery and then to drain the battery. The computer then starts up saying it can't come out of hibernation mode but there are no files lost since it wasn't started in the first place. I've then done a system restore - and then everything works. Only takes however long it takes for the battery to drain while in hibernation. In the meantime, the big desktop has decided to only work for about an hour before a new registry corruption comes out to play - and it freezes solid.

Enough of boring computers!

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I adore Shirley's response to EDM Challenge #216: My Inner Critic on her blog Paper and Threads and her description and sketch of her right brain "bag lady"! Recommended reading!

Shirley's Inner Critic
Paper and Threads

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Guerra Acrylics - paint chart
photo Caro R (Flickr)

I just ordered my first batch of paints from Guerra - I can't wait to try them out and I think they may work out cheaper as well. The hardest part was choosing from that vast palette of colours!
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The Freelancers Union offers access to group health, dental, term life and disability insurance, and in the state of new York is acting as it’s own insurance provider.
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You can use any medium and paint any subject, as long as it's found in a national park. Paint America
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  • The Annual Exhibition of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours opened at the Mall Galleries on Thursday and I was supposed to be seeing it yesterday - but the leg is still elevated with movement restricted! The Exhibition closes on Sunday 19th April. (I should do a drawing of what I look like sat at my desk/laptop with elevated leg - it's very funny! I might add one later..........).
    Brooklyn Museum: Art-Students and Copyists in the Louvre Gallery, Paris
American Art: Art-Students and Copyists in the Louvre Gallery, Paris
Winslow Homer, American, 1836-1910
9 3/16 x 13 7/8 in, wood engraving,

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Making a Mark Polls - March and April
  • On Tuesday I posted the results of the March Making A Mark Opinion Poll Results of "How do you price your art?" together with a commentary
  • Then on Wednesday I introduced the MAM Poll April: What's your favourite subject matter? It's had a very high response in just a few days - 76 votes so far - so if you've not checked it out yet why not read the comments (very interesting!) and then vote! What's been very rewarding is seeing people get new insight into their own art just from having to think about what would their answer be and reading other people's comments.
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and finally.......

This week I've got a non-art one. The Guardian always has some stunning April 1st articles - one day somebody will produce a book about them. This one actually had me fooled for all of five seconds while I looked at the headline at the same time as my jaw gaped open! Smart marketing though - just imagine the hits their website got as a result - before you realise the real subtlety of the message!
Twitter switch for Guardian, after 188 years of ink

• Newspaper to be available only on messaging service
• Experts say any story can be told in 140 characters


  1. Katherine thank you for highlighting my work, I always consider it a great honour to be mentioned on your blog.

  2. Nonsense Gayle - you do excellent work! :) (For those not in the know - Gayle and I are cyber chums and 'talk' online most days!)

    I do love the concept and design of this one though.

  3. It was a shame your leg stopped us meeting up at the show yesterday - it was well worth the 100 mile trip for me :>) A really interesting and very diverse show. Lots of good stuff, traditional, contemporary, semi abstract, abstract, mixes of media that worked beautifully, sketchbooks amd some awful framing in occasional works!

    You would have enjoyed the critiquing that was going on!

    I've done a post on it today with masses of links.

  4. Wonderful review, Hope your leg gets better!

  5. I am always struck dumb when I see a colored pencil work like Gayle's of the rocks and steasel ;D. Though it's been years since I used those pencils very much, I know well how much time and effort went into such a piece---and that's leaving talent and technical ability aside.
    I wish we could see a closer view of it. Congratulations to Gayle!

  6. Katherine,
    Glad to see you back and online!


  7. Thank you Katherine for the link and notes. I appreciate all the information and help you give to artists and how much you share wit us. You are great!


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