Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Resources for Artists - 3 new information sites

I've woken up with a really yucky head cold this morning so today's post is just going to be an update about my three new information sites on Squidoo.
  • Working in a Series - Resources for Artists - This is the site which is associated with The Working in a Series Project. By the end of the project it should include all the links to relevant information and images that I've found.
  • Monet's Series Paintings - Stacks of Wheat - This site provides a home for the information associated with the first Monet Series that I've studied (as per yesterday's post - Monet's series paintings - stacks of wheat)
  • Marine Art - Resources for Artists - this is a new site, partly prompted by the annual exhibition of the Royal Society of Marine Artists and partly because I seem to keep doing marine and water-based paintings on an ad hoc basis, I'd rather like to learn more about the aspects of marine art that I like and stop being quite so ad hoc. Not that I'm anticipating doing any tall ships in full sail any time soon you understand! It was interesting learning yesterday that one of the reasons Monet painted water so much was because he enjoyed the challenge of the way it never stayed completely still and refracted light - and colour - in different ways. If you start to tot up the number of his paintings which involve water in some way it's rather a lot!
I'm now going off for another one of those hot drinks that's supposed to make you feel better!

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