Saturday, October 18, 2008

Forums and Groups - Resources for Artists

Following on from my blog post last Saturday I've create a new resource site relating to forums and groups for artists - Art Forums - Resources for Artists.

It comprises:
I've added it into my group of information sites on Making A Mark on Squidoo.

I'm aiming to add links to this site on an ongoing basis if I hear of any good forums or groups. I'd be interested to hear any suggestions you may have.



Marion Boddy-Evans said...

There's also the Painting Forum, which is an active forum that's been going for many years.

Members are a mixture of newbies, part-time painters, and pros. Our motto is: "Each of us may not know that much, but together we become masters." Our style is to encourage through compassionate critique.

MaryAnn Cleary said...

Hi Katherine, there is a group called "Worldwide Women Artists" that is very active. They have a group on yahoo (one must be juried into the group), a website and a blog. This is a group of women artists who help one another through sharing and marketing. It is all volunteer. I am providing a link to their "about" page ( for more info.

Recently, I was accepted into the group and it appears to be a great forum. I am still learning my way around, but so far it seems good.

Grangry said...

Katherine, thank you for this! I return to Making a Mark time and time again. Just wanted to show my appreciation!

A Reason to Paint said...

What a fabulous resource - thank you Katherine!
A couple of online art forums we have here in Australia are

Making A Mark said...

Marion - I'd actually added your forum in. I had a glitch on Friday when i was finishing if off and had to close down Firefox completely and I thought I'd already published it but obviously I hadn't.

Maryann and Treicia - thanks for your groups - I'll add them in.

Making A Mark said...

OK - I've added two new 'sections'. One for forums with a national focus and one for groups of women artists

Anonymous said...

Scribble Talk ( is a great forum as well. Their focus is on colored pencil, graphite and other drawing media.

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