Friday, October 03, 2008

Making A Mark Poll: What's the main reason why you work in a series?

The Allium Series 2008
coloured pencil
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

I'm getting a lot of truly fascinating answers to the question I posed on Monday What are your reasons for working in a series?

The thinking I did to write that post and come up with both categories and types of reasons - plus all the responses to date have helped me formulate the Making A Mark opinion poll survey for October.

Allium #4 (pencil)
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

I'm so mean - I'm not allowing you the option of multiple answers! That's so we can try and tease out the driving motivation behind series and see how it comes out.

The question is: What's your MAIN reason for working in a series?

With the emphasis being on the word MAIN. Having recognised there's lots of reasons why we work in series I want to try and pin it down a bit more and see if you can work out which is usually the dominant reason for you.

There is no right or wrong answer. The options are:
  • I have to feed my obsession
  • I have to paint in series
  • I need to explore my subject
  • I want to explore an idea
  • I like to explore a technique
  • I want to tell a story in stages
  • I'm creating an identity for my work
  • I'm creating work for an exhibition
  • I want my work to be more collectible
You'll note that I've also left out what 'paint what I like best' as I suspected that would have romped home the winner for all sorts of different reasons depending on how people interpreted it - differently!

You can find the poll in the side column just below the search facility and just above an example of one of my prints. You have four weeks to respond - the poll closes midday (GMT) on Friday 31st October 2008.

Please encourage other people to vote as well by forwarding this post or emailing it or copying this link to this post Making A Mark Poll: What's the main reason why you work in a series? - I think we'll all find this poll very interesting! :)

Note: This is the first time I've posted my Allium Series together and I'm quite chuffed! I saw some paintings yesterday which gave me food for thought about the benefits of adopting a standard size for the series and I think I now need to now decide what this should be for this series - and then get on and do some more...........