Saturday, October 25, 2008

The 20th International Sketchcrawl is today

Today is the day of the 20th International Sketchcrawl.
There are no rules:
-Anyone can participate, be it to draw for 20 minutes or the full day .
-Any level of ability is welcome from veteran artists to first time sketchers.
-Any age! Try it with your kids!
You can find relevant links as follows:
I'm still recovering from a really bad head cold and feeling thoroughly wasted so am not sure whether I'm going out travelling with my sketchbook today - but I'll be there in spirit. I'm having a think about sketching what's outside my window!

Do take a look at Charley Parker's really nice write-up of the Sketchcrawl movement in Sketchcrawl 20.


Jeanette said...

I didn't get around to sketching today, not live subjects anyway even though I did draw. I'll have to make up for it on the next Sketchcrawl.

I hope your cold is receding, there's nothing worse is there>

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Thanks Jeanette. Unfortunately It's verging on bronchitis at the moment. I'm just hoping it's going to get better rather than worse!

Cathy Gatland said...

Take care and get better soon, Katherine - I was intending to do the Sketchcrawl but the day got hectic and slipped past - next time too I hope.