Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jeanne Grant's blog is having a birthday

Grey green and pink in Yuma
7" x 5", coloured pencils on Arches HP
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Jeanne Grant makes me very proud.

Jeanne started sketching when I taught a sketching class on the Wet Canvas drawing and sketching forum - and she enjoyed it so much she hasn't ever really stopped since.

She now participates in sketchcrawls - even taking her granchildren with her on the first one - and has recently joined a plein air painting group and goes out with them on regular expeditions.

Today she celebrates the first anniversary of starting her blog and has written a piece about what she has achieved in the last year. She's been very kind about me in her blog generally and that post in particular. However I'm very clear in my own mind that Jeanne just needed to be shown the way in which sketching can improve your art - and everything after that has been down to her own constant wish to learn more and sheer determination and effort to see what she can achieve. Moreover she has really shown me how getting into sketching can change what you do and the way you live your life.

So anybody who values application, persistence and very real achievement in drawing and sketching, please go and celebrate Jeanne's blog birthday with her. You can visit her anniversary post here.

Jeanne lives in sunny Bakersfield in California so I hope she enjoys the cactus!

Note: I was greatly intrigued when travelling through the south western states last summer by how cacti act as sundials. This was one was outside the place in Yuma we stopped to have breakfast on the great road trip from San Diego to Albuquerque and back again.

Link: Jeanne Grant