Saturday, June 09, 2007

Drawing a Head 7th June 2007

Drawing a Head 7th June 2007 - Olaye
20" x 14", pen and ink on heavy white cartridge paper
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Last week I did three views of the two models on three separate pages. This week I decided to try doing three views of the same model - from different angles - on the one page using pen and ink. So this is the 'alla prima' of drawing - what goes down stays down!

In order to do this I had to manouvre my chair around the room inside the circle of easels that which people were working at. This sometimes meant that I was looking up at her rather more than I would have liked. Where I sat also depended on staying out of the sightlines of the other participants.

I did the first one (top left) in about 40 minutes and this is, I think the best one. This is mainly because on the next two I found I was looking into lights at the same time as looking at the model. The next one (middle right) took 45 minutes. I did the last one (bottom left) in the last session - and had to hurry as I only had 30 minutes and wanted to finish my self-imposed exercise. As it was I've distorted the perspective on the jawline which was a bit irritating. (Try putting your finger over the mouth and jawline and you'll see what I mean).

I think if I were to do this again I might spend a couple of minutes at the outset pencilling in boxes inside which the profiles need to go.

I'm enjoying drawing in pen and ink more and more and will probably do more drawings like these. Maybe the next thing to do would be to add coloured pencil - as with the sketches?