Sunday, June 17, 2007

17th June: Who made a mark this week?

Aeonium "Zwartkop"
30x20xm, coloured pencil on Arches HP
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Every week I see lots of interesting blog posts and web articles. I post about some but obviously not all, mainly because of time commitments and wanting to get on with my own projects. Today I'm introducing a new way of sharing some of these with you.

I'm going to try and publish my round-up once a week - probably Sunday - but if I'm not being very organised and/or I'm busy it will be less often. At least if I start with the notion of having a regular update then I've got somewhere to park 'interesting' URLs until I can post them!

So, grab a fresh cup of coffee, here's what I stopped to look at and read last week..........

Artists' work
Art supplies
Art education: books/workshops
Business for Artists
  • Empty Easel highlighted the apparent demise of Artist Rising in "Is Artist Rising Dead?". Artist Rising is the relatively new arm of ( in the UK) and is supposedly aimed at marketing the original work of artists. is a major online print gallery site where artists can sell fine art or poster prints. It's a bit worrying that something as big as appears to have got their delivery so badly wrong. You can check out the archives of Empty Easel here.
  • Susan Borgas (Arts and Stuff) has a post about how to Test your template in different size browsers. If you tweak your template you can test out what the column widths look like in different size browsers or how much scrolling will be involved for your visitors.
Van Gogh's Auvers period was brief but extremely productive: in just seventy days the artist produced more than seventy paintings and around thirty drawings. This frenzied rhythm suggests a desperate race against time, as if the artist himself felt his days to be numbered. Before his arrival in Auvers, Vincent had spent three days in Paris at his brother's house where he had been able to see his own paintings, which literally covered the walls of the apartment and were piled up under the bed, the sofa and under the cupboards. This experience of seeing all his work together for the first time had a profound affect on Van Gogh and would determine his work over the following weeks, the last of his life. His final paintings would be a sort of recapitulation or epilogue to his entire career.
What's coming up next week
  • Take a virtual workshop next week - starting June 18th - with Ed Terpening of Life Plein Air. He's starting a three week trip which kicks off with a week long workshop with Ovanes Berberian. Ed is now an accomplished blogger of workshops and will be blogging about what he's doing each day.
So - that's my first effort and I hope you like it. Do let me know what you think - I'm always interested to know what you think.

Also, if you want to draw my attention to anything new that you've seen which might deserve a mention in my weekly round-up then leave a comment below and I'll take a look before posting next week's round-up.

Finally - the coloured pencil drawing at the top is the latest in my Georgia O'Keeffe month - and it's almost notan like. I think it's a Aeonium "Zwartkop" (I'm getting quite good at finding my way around cacti and succulent websites!). Anybody got a better suggestion?