Thursday, January 12, 2006

Working Smaller

I've started what I hope is going to be a series of small artworks - which now have their own gallery "Small Works" on my website.

The challenge for me is in working small - which is not something I have done on a regular basis in the past. But I'm intrigued at what can be achieved in some of the small works produced by other artists and I like in particular the way it forces me to look at potential subjects as individual items in their own right, rather than as part of a larger still life composition. This develops one of the ways in which I've been working on developing my larger still life paintings - treating individual items - flowers, fruit, vegetables - as landscapes in their own right through examining a macro perspective of the item concerned.

"Red Onion" is the first in the series. It is 7" x 5" and has been completed using only coloured pencils on black Canson Mi Teintes paper. You can see a larger version of this on my website on the new page for Small Works.

I'm hoping to produce at least one of these small works each week - and hopefully more.

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