Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Drawing towards Enquiry. Enquiry towards Drawing

I got an e-mail this morning from Clare Hansen, who is the Project and Web Manager for the Campaign for Drawing, alerting me to the series of lectures being given by Deanna Petherbridge (ex Professor of Drawing at the Royal Academy) at the National Gallery during February and March as part of a project initiated by Camberwell College of Art.

Looks like they might be well worth attending. I've included the link to the site providing further details in the right hand coloumn. The lectures cover:
Wednesday 8 February, The Poetics of Line
Wednesday 15 February, Expressive Bodies and Personal Identities
Wednesday 22 February, Playing with the Provisional: Sketching in Art & Design Practice
Wednesday 1 March, Caricature, Crassness and Cruelty
Wednesday 8 March, Obsessive Drawing
Wednesday 15 March, Mickey Mouse and Manga: Drawing and Popular Culture

I've also included links to the Campaign for Drawing and the Drawing Research Network which have some interesting information and are well worth reviewing.

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