Sunday, January 22, 2006

When the Still Life takes over the shopping

You know that you're making your art a priority when you find you're studying all the fruit and vegetables you're buying at the supermarket for 'still life' potential.

I bought some cute baby turnips last week for just that reason! This week it was some amazing Romano and Marmara peppers. And I've got my eye on the dragon fruit..........


Hazel_S said...

The entry about the still life taking over the shopping made me laugh... so true! I started spending time looking for photogenic vegetables when I was doing A Level art coursework and I have become worse in the years since which has caused amusement...

Only yesterday I found myself arranging and taking photos of cream doughnuts, cream slices and chocolate cheesecake before allowing anybody to eat them!

Making A Mark said...

Thanks Hazel - I think a few of my friends have had those sort of cream cake moments. I of course never ever buy cream cakes!!! ;)

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