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Selected artists for the John Moores Painting Prize 2023

The selected artists for the John Moores Painting Prize 2023 have now been announced and are as detailed below - name plus title of the artwork plus links to websites or social media sites of some.

The Jury
“It’s a real privilege to have been able to soak up and absorb a snapshot of British painting as part of the jury. It’s so dynamic, exciting, and wrought with a lot of debate and discussion. The anonymity factor allows us to get straight to the factuality of the painting, and being able to see each painting face to face has been a delight.” juror Alexis Harding - first prize winner in 2004
The John Moores Painting Prize 2023 Exhibition opens at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool on Saturday 16 September 2023. 

The first prize winner will receive 
  • £25,000 and 
  • a solo display at the Walker Art Gallery in 2025.
Always the bridesmaid ...about 3000 enter The John Moore's Painting Prize and about 300 get chosen for stage two, then around 67 make it to the exhibition. Kinda chuffed I got chosen for stage two. Next year I'll smash it Lolly Golding


Selected Artists - John Moore Painting Prize 2023 

If your website or Instagram / Facebook can be found in 5 seconds you have a decent chance of getting a link below. If you've also created a decent summary of who you are and what you do, you might just get referenced too. But I don't bother with those not keen on marketing their art or themselves. Plus I'm afraid I don't do guessing games on those who have common names. If you want a link let me know via the post associated with this one on my Facebook Page.

  • Dale Adcock - Wall - classic example of somebody who's not looked at the CV on his website in a while
  • Tim Allen - Dancing the Future Melting the Past 
  • Linda Aloysius - The First Painting in History To Be Recognised By a Public Museum as Painted By a Working-Class Single Mother Artist  
  • Nicholas Baldion - Social Murder: Grenfell in Three Parts 
  • Mollie Balshaw - My studio is on the bus 

  • Ella Belenky - Spell Lulu Bennett - Float 
  • Richard Burton - Simulac 
  • Danny Cameron - Madonna & Child 
  • Deepa Chudasama - Cluster Series with grid 
  • Noemi Conan - Sheela Na Gig 
  • Daniel Coombs - Woman in the Park 
  • Rhys Coren - Slicing Time Differently 
  • Mark Corfield-Moore - Sweet Tooth 
  • Martyn Cross - The Comin' Through 
  • Graham Crowley - Light Industry 
  • Richie Culver - Untitled 
  • William Drummond - Here's Looking At You - a Petworth based artist with a focus on animals and landscapes. William studied fashion at New York’s FIT before working for a range of designers including Tom Ford, Marchesa and Theory before teaching himself to paint.
  • Ryan Durrant - Untitled (HW) 
  • Jack Foster - After Fra Angelico 
  • Ray Gill - Slide 
  • Magdalena Gluszak - Holeksa - Her husband didn't die, he just became beautiful b.1990 in Polnad. Lives in Hertfordshire. Studied MFA Fine Arts at University of the Arts London, Wimbledon College of Art
  • Matt Golden - Ladders (Dark Blue) 
  • Gina Hammersley - Smile for the Camera 
  • Christopher Hanlon - Untitled 
  • Christopher Hanson - Ama 
  • Dereck Harris - Web Zeal 
  • John Wood & Paul Harrison - Not a painting kind of painting 
  • Harriet Mena Hill - Taplow Shadows: The Aylesbury Fragments 
  • Leo Holloway - Untitled 
  • Ben Hughes - They'd had ten years to plan their revenge ... 
  • Reece Jones - Phantom A and Phantom B - absolutely zero about the artist on his website!
  • Betsey Kilpatrick - Love Vortices 
  • Helen Kincaid - Stage ll 
  • Emily Kraus - Stochastic 14 
  • Michael Lacey - I Met A Traveller From An Antique Land 
  • Dale Lewis - Garden Party 
  • Angela Lizon - Horseman - BA(Hons) in Fine Art; Post-graduate scholarship funded by the Polish government and the British Arts Council for study at Krakow Academy of Fine Art in Poland; Elected Academician at Royal West of England Academy, Bristol; Studio holder at Top Floor Studios, Spike Island, Bristol
  • W.K. Lyhne - Stabat Mater 111 
  • Henry Miller - Fun Boy Three - Tunnel of Love 
  • Chris Milsom - Mirror Mirror 
  • Reuben Murray - Ada 
  • Richard Phoenix - The Ladder (The Choice) 
  • Emma Price - British Values II 
  • Yin Yung Sabrina - Pun Emergency Order Convention 1 
  • Samantha Rebello - At the King's Table: The Queen's Habit (Blancmange) 
  • Phil Redford - Exodus 
  • Zachariah Riley - Untitled (Dummies no.3) 
  • Emma Roche - Hurl 
  • Francisco Rodriguez - The Golden Hour 
  • Stevie Ronnie - Thirty Hours or So of Being Awake 
  • Michael Samuels - Big Exit 
  • Elinor Stanley - Big Babe 
  • Amy Steel - Because I Know so Little I Grope for More 
  • Alan Stewart - I Hear Them Coming 
  • Damian Taylor - Other Light 
  • Mimei Thompson - Weeds at the End of the World (Ultramarine, Magenta) 
  • Emma Tod - Ludic 
  • Francisco Valdes - Champagne Cascade I 
  • Covadonga Valdes - Homeland 8 - landscape painter; 1988-92 BA (Hons) Chelsea College of Art, London; 1992-94 MA The Slade University College, London
  • Jack Vickridge - Untitled 
  • Lorna May Wadsworth - Salvator Mundi 
  • Julian Wakelin - LBGE - TBGE 
  • Casper White - Saint Michael the Archangel Andrea Della Robia filmed at The Met with pleated kilt by @aria.puga
  • John Whitehill - Island Sanctuary 
  • Joanna Whittle - Forest Shrine (Witness) 
  • Suzy Willey - Just like that!…there! 
  • Reed Wilson - Book Stack 
  • Tom Woolner - Internal Weather (Idyll)

About the John Moores Painting Prize

The John Moores Painting Prize has awarded more than £685,000 in prize money across 31 exhibitions, which have showcased more than 2,350 works of art. It presents a rich history of post-war painting in Britain. The first exhibition was held only six years after the Walker Art Gallery re-opened following the Second World War.

Previous winners of the John Moores Painting Prize have included artists such as

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