Tuesday, April 05, 2022

210th Exhibition of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours

The RI Annual Exhibition 2022 opens to the public at the Mall Galleries on 14th April and runs until 23rd April.

  • Above, you can see the cover of the Catalogue which is online at Issuu.
  • You can also see the artworks online on the Mall Galleries website. Unfortunately, there is no slideshow and no arrows which take you to the next image and the clicking in and out of individual works is tedious. I always feel really sorry for the people who have surnames at the end of the alphabet. I always think it needs links to the names of the people exhibiting so you can go to a page which shows all the artwork in the exhibition by one artist. I do mutter about how things can be improved from time to time - and sometimes we get those changes in the future. I live in hope....
  • There will be a Virtual Show Online - on the Mall Galleries website after it has opened. I'll come back and include the link once it's up.

The exhibition presents the works of the Institute's members as well as works from non-members artists, selected exclusively for this exhibition! The RI annual exhibition showcases a variety of works in watercolour, acrylic, ink, and gouache on paper or paper-based support.
For me, this annual exhibition of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours (RI) is going to be yet another exhibition in 2022 which I ONLY see online.

(Post Surgery Update Week 10: I am now allowed to put my foot in my Walker Boot on the ground lightly. I've tried mobilising /walking with crutches - but the osteoarthritis in my shoulder (listed for a replacement) and both hips (to be assessed for surgery soon!) do NOT like crutches with a walker boot and I'm still mainly mobilising on my knee scooter. The big advance since Week 8 is sitting with my foot actually on the floor!)

This is the biggest exhibition of paintings in water colours in the UK and it's well worth a visit. I've always enjoyed visiting this exhibition and will be very much missing seeing it in person this year.

I'll comment later when I've had an opportunity to see artwork on the art and appreciate its real size - something which is otherwise none too easy in catalogues and online galleries.

RI Exhibition - Events Programme

There's an events programme which will be running during the exhibition.  The events are as follows:
  • Thursday 14 April | 11am – 4pm: Talking to visitors in the Gallery with Lillias August. Ann Kilvington will be giving a critique on paintings brought in by members of the public.
  • Saturday 16 April | 11am – 4pm: Painting in the Gallery with Gary Cook.
  • Saturday 16 April | 1.30pm: Teresa Lawler will lead a guided tour of the exhibition, for which booking is essential (places are limited, so early booking is advised).
  • Tuesday 19 April | 2.30pm – 4.30pm: Painting interiors in watercolour with Roger Dellar.
  • Tuesday 19 April | 6pm – 8pm: Winsor & Newton together with members of the RI will hold a special evening of talks and demonstrations of watercolour techniques using Winsor & Newton products (Special Event, please book your ticket here).
  • Wednesday 20 April | 11am – 4pm: Painting in the Gallery with Jean Noble.
  • Thursday 21 April | 11am – 4pm: Jean Noble will be giving a critique on paintings brought in by members of the public.
  • Friday 22 April | 11am – 4pm: Painting in the Gallery with Brian Smith.
  • Saturday 23 April | 11am – 4pm: Painting in the Gallery with Matthew Phinn. Talking to visitors in the Gallery with Jean Robinson.

New members and members who have died

Four Members have died since the last Exhibition in 2021.
These are:
  • Paul Banning - was awarded the Turner Watercolour Award Bronze Medal for an outstanding group of paintings. in 2011
  • Harry Price - elected to membership in 2003
  • Peter Weaver RI RBA ARBS (1927-2022)
  • Hon. Retired Member: Susan Pendered -  passed away peacefully on 9th August 2021, aged 96.
In addition, four new members have been voted in as Members. These are:
I often think that those who apply to be candidates for members would do well to look at the work of those invited to be full members in recent years. You can learn a lot.

More about the Exhibition

  • Admission: £5 
  • Free admission for Friends of the Mall Galleries and under 25’s. 
  • Concessions available. 
  • 14 - 23 April
  • Open: 10am – 5pm.

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