Thursday, April 21, 2022

Just a few problems

My apologies. I'm having a few problems right now with my continuing recovery from surgery. Hence the blogging hiatus.

For the last week or so (weeks 11 and 12 post surgery) I've been making a determined effort to walk using my crutches - while partially weight bearing (up to 50% of my weight) on my right ankle - which is (hopefully) now fused! I'm having an x-Ray next tuesday to find out if I've grown the bone....

However walking is easier said than done.

What's happening is I'm mobilising on my feet using my forearm crutches (because I also need a shoulder replacement!) and it's very difficult. 
  • I'm using muscles in my lower back I haven't used much for weeks and weeks. (I'm now in the 12th week post surgery. )
  • As a result, my back is screaming with pain!
  • My lower back is also incredibly stiff as well as excruciatingly painful - which is very distracting in relation to everything I'm doing - never mind walking.

So I'm not doing much beyond trying to find a resolution for the problem - whether it's medication, trying to get a physio appointment, sacroiliac stretches, new shoes which will help me walk or an indoor rollator to replace the crutches! 

Bottom line, I'm not much fun right now - and am not very good at blogging.
Hence the big gaps between blog posts.

My smart forearm crutches after a "walk"
- with my walker boot undone to show the many layers required for me to
not experience my severe allergic reaction to the liner
and stop my foot sliding around inside the boot
I have 5 socks on!

Today I've switched to an indoor rollator to see if that works better. Initial indications are that it hurts my back less - but the acid test will come when I try to get out of bed tomorrow morning!

PS The good news is that my foot when "rolled" across the floor in my walker boot is not painful. A few twinges - but I'm hopeful the walker boot comes off next Tuesday and I can switch to full weight bearing - in normal (for me) shoes i.e. my Brooks Beast trainers which are very stable!

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