Saturday, March 07, 2020

PODCAST: Ask an Artist interview with Michael Harding

I have two things to tell you if you don't already know:
  • there's a new podcast called "Ask an Artist" which is informative, intelligent and really useful. Very much a recommended subscription from me (I'm using the Apple Podcast app - here are some other ways). This is their website
  • Michael Harding is making watercolour paints!!! That is of course Michael Harding of Michael Harding Paints.
How do I know this?

I listened to the Ask An Artist podcast interview Meeting Colour Maker Michael Harding published yesterday. (Find the link to to the podcast on this website page - but this is the Apple Podcasts link to the actual podcast)
Michael Harding Paints have a reputation of being the best in the world and in this conversation you will discover what drives Michael's successful business and why he is so passionate about paint!
The interview covers:
  • his story as a colour maker over the last 40 years
  • masses of information about the practicalities and technical aspects of making colour and oil paint and other products he makes
  • the news that he is now making watercolour paints!  
I have to say I scoured his website in the middle of the podcast looking for information about the watercolour paints and there's nothing! It looks as if he's at beta testing stage with artists he works with and that he is maybe going to say something more about them soon - hopefully.

I learned a lot listening to the podcast - and I'm sure you will too!

About Ask an Artist

Here's some basic facts about the Ask an Artist Podcast.
  • it's run by landscape printmaker Laura Boswell and portrait painter Peter Keegan
  • it started in November 2019 and to date has produced 21 podcasts. 
  • It's obvious to me that they're very well organised because the visit which produced the Michael Harding podcast took place in mid-December 2019!
  • the strapline is "run by artists for artists" and the evidence from episodes I've listened to date suggests exactly that.
  • unlike some artist podcasts this one has a minimal front end promoting the podcast and artists and maximum content on the topic it's focusing on - which makes it so much more accessible and informative - and verylikely to generate repeat listening to future episodes.
  • each episode also has a decent page which details what's covered by the podcast
  • this is how to listen
  • it' a joy to listen to intelligent artists asking really good questions of well-informed people. I'm positive that most artists will find something that interests them and will end up subscribing to future podcasts.
  • you can also follow Ask the Artist on:
Here's an image of the Laura and Peter who run Ask and Artist - reviewing paint samples with Michael Harding in his colour mill.

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