Sunday, March 29, 2020

MAMA #1: Charles Sovek's comprehensive website of resources for artists

The Making A Mark Archive (MAMA)

This is a new bit of routine for me - digging out a post from 14 years of archived blog posts about art - to provide you with new things to look at and/or new things to do.
  • I'm going to work my way through the years, starting in 2006
  • I'll also try and stick closely to the current calendar date - but x years ago!
  • When I get to 2019, I'll start again in 2006 - and continue until this horrible health crisis is over. I've got masses of great content in the archives of this blog and this is one way of sharing it!
Here's one inspiration for why I'm doing this.....

MAMA #1:  Charles Sovek's comprehensive website of resources for artists

On March 25th 2006, I posted about the wonderful website of resources created by artist Charles Sovek in Charles Sovek - Lessons from the Easel
"I found a veritable feast of resources for all sorts of artists when I browsed around Charles Sovek's website after being given a link to one part of it as a reference for a project.

Although Charles Sovek works in oil, acrylic and gouache, the material he provides about art is universal. Sadly, it's very rare to find such a comprehensive and good resource on an artist's website - and so I'm obviously going to share!"

EXAMPLE: Charles Sovek wrote articles for "The Artist's Magazine" over a 20-year period beginning in 1985.

Here are some links from one page of the website
I RECOMMEND you click every link and pic you see on the website, there's a LOT MORE than is apparent at first glance! 

Please also SHARE with any artist groups who you think might benefit from access to resources for artists - during the current emergency.


  1. When I was starting out, this was my favorite reference artist!! Then I recommended it to my students and taught from it even. It's very easy to understand and everyone 'got' the message right away! Thank you for exposing more people to his teachings :)

  2. Really enjoying receiving the emails Making a Mark - I so look forward to them THANK YOU and all the best and stay safe.


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