Thursday, March 19, 2020

Mall Galleries to close until further notice

The Mall Galleries premises - in the Mall - and FBA offices in Carlton House Terrace are closing until further notice. In effect, until such time as the Government advises that it is safe to open again.

However lots of the SERVICES provided by the FBA and the Mall Galleries will continue.....
Mall Galleries is closed until further notice but remains very much open online for new exhibition content and artwork sales.

When will the doors open again?

I've been waiting for an announcement from the Mall Galleries - the home of all the annual art exhibitions of the majority of the major national art societies for a little while.

It's now up on the website.
The Trustees of the Federation of British Artists (FBA) therefore regret to announce that Mall Galleries will close during Thursday 19 March, in light of the most recent official government advice in combating COVID-19. The gallery will remain closed until further notice and will re-open when possible, following government recommendations.
You can read the formal statement on the website
The safety of our visitors, artists and workforce is paramount to us as we navigate this challenging time.
It highlights how.....

You can make a difference

Especially in times of trouble and reflection, art has the special ability to transport and delight us – and indeed contribute to our ‘wellness’. The FBA Societies offer you access to the outstanding work of a talented army of dedicated working artists who depend on the continued support of tens of thousands of visitors (currently unable to attend). The arts face an unparalleled impact from the crisis, and we ask our visitors and Friends to come together to continue the support we absolutely rely on to keep the lights on.

How you can play your part

There are a number of ways on which the FBA and its members societies and theMall galleries can continue to interact with fans and regular visitors - see below
Visit our virtual galleries and browse our new exhibitions from the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours (RI) and Royal Society of Portrait Painters (RP). Tell your friends and spread the wordWhy not consider buying a new artwork by ordering online?You can choose a portrait artist and commission us to create your own unique workJoin our excellent Friends or Patrons scheme - and be at the heart of what we do.You can make a donation or consider signing up for a legacy to continue our charitable work when the crisis is passed.Please join the conversation on our social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or our email list for updates.

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