Wednesday, February 06, 2019

The snowy painting challenge - the results

Last Saturday, I asked to see the paintings people had been doing during the recent cold spell and snow.
I'm thinking of doing a blog post about RECENT snow paintings.
If you've been braving the temperature and painting snow scenes - or even staying inside and painting the snow outside
  • EITHER - leave a comment with the url of where I can find the pic
  • OR - send me a pic of your snow painting - preferably with a pic of you painting it!
The ones I'm posting below are those done recently and from observation. I'm afraid I eliminated most of those that appeared to not have been done in the last few weeks.

If you enjoyed the challenge - either in terms of sending/nominating paintings - or just reading the results please let me know on my Facebook page (sorry - comments are still suspended on this blog due to the idiots who post spam)

This is the painting - and entry - which impressed me the post. It's a lovely painting of 'snow on allotments' by Valérie Pirlot (website: Facebook:
A better picture of the painting I did at the week-end in the snow. I've painted that view dozen of times, but it looks so different covered in white. So much fun to paint! Now available on my website:

Even better - we got the artists's eye view too. So you can see what she was painting.

Best of the lot is we get what it takes to go out painting plein air in wintry weather. Love the comment to go with it!  Truly a British Plein Air Painter of snowy weather!

This is one of the later ones to come in. I like to think I maybe inspired Martin Truefitt-Baker to have a go!

You can see from his post Snowy day tree that this is a favourite tree that he has painted a number of times. Like Valerie it's a view he's painted many times. Maybe this is a tip for snowy paintings - much better to paint a view you know under snow then spend time working out which is the best angle and how to paint structures. You don't want to hang about too long working out

More importantly this is his second oil painting after a break of 30 years. He's been using acrylics for a long time but has only just recently started painting in oils again.!
This is a painting I've just finished in the last couple of days. This is only the second oil painting, I've now completed, after returning to the medium after 30-ish years. 

Snowy day tree

Haidee-Jo Summers sent me some of her paintings done at the weekend. She's a very experienced plein air painter in the snow - and I love her snow paintings.
Hi Katherine, we haven’t had much snow here in Lincolnshire but on Saturday I managed to get out in it and paint these... no photos of me painting them though...
Bothy by Haidee-Jo Summers
The woodman’s bothy at Belton village, this site used to be the woodyard for the whole Brownlow estate.
One of the things I very much like about HaideeJo's paintings is that she always gets the light and tone just right.  You can feel the cold!
Logs by Haidee Jo Summers - providing you don't need a lot to make a snowy picture
These are a few of my favourite things... wood pile in the snow from last weekend 8” x 10”

Michael Chesley Johnson had posted My Article on Painting Snow -- and Painting IN the Snow! the day before my post on Facebook
My latest article, "What to Know About Painting Snow," appears in the current (Feb/Mar 2019) issue of PleinAir Magazine. Apparently, with this week's monstrous winter storm hitting the north, the article is timely. I've already had one reader write to me to say: "The article was very inspiring; I've ordered a yard full."
He interviewed nine other artists for the article about their experience of and approaches to plein air painting snow - in the snow.

Next up - Elizabeth King nominated Roos Schuring for a post the day before I posted - which was extremely apt

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Scene pic🤗today-tomorrow crossing fingers for one more go Roos Schuring
Two paintings scraped in

This one by Kate Gabriel - because it was of the Beast from the East earlier in 2018.

...and this painting by Lyndsey Smith - because it was neither done recently nor done from observation - but I liked it!  Plus her left wrist is broken at the moment so not an ideal time to be sketching outside.

and finally.....

The painting that started the challenge - by that inveterate all weather plein air painter - Pete Brown's snow painting of Bath. I gather it was a bit cold - however it just goes to show what can be achieved if you paint outside on a regular basis....
Peter Brown is a Bath based artist, an all-weather painter of street scenes and city landscapes. Known for working directly from his subject, he is more affectionately known as ‘Pete the Street’.
You can see many more pictures of his snow paintings here.