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Artists of the Year: Videos, Deadlines and Suggestions!!

Just a reminder for fans of the two major artist of the year programmes on Sky Arts re.
  • Portrait Artist of the Year 2019
  • Portrait Artist of the Year 2020
  • Landscape Artist of the Year 2019

Portrait Artist of the Year 2019

The PAOTY Rig in the atrium at the Wallace Collection - April 2018
....starts on Sky Arts 12th February 2019 at 8pm. 

The Heats were filmed at the Wallace Collection in April last year and the THREE videos below suggests we're all going to be viewing some interesting sitters.

Mind you I spent my time trying to spot the finalists! (she says - hugging her photos of the final filmed last summer at the National Portrait Centre to her iMac!)

Promo 2019 from Storyvault Films on Vimeo.

The three sitters for the first Heat are apparently
  • television and film actor Matthew Goode (Downton Abbey, Brideshead Revisited etc plus he plays Antony Armstrong-Jones in upcoming episodes of series 2 of The Crown)
  • stage, TV and film actress Geraldine James (who I always associate with Jewel in the Crown) and 
  • Andi Oliver (Saturday Kitchen host  and one of the three Judges of Great British Menu etc)

Episode 2 has
  • David Gandy, 
  • Anne Reid and 
  • Ashley Walters
You can follow the latest updates on

Can I take this opportunity to:
  • remind artists participating in the episodes to lick your website into shape - because I'm coming looking for it!
  • please send me your URL after the episode has aired (message me via my Facebook Page) or contact me. I'm happy to include a link to you - but first I have to find it - which is not easy when Sky Arts does not list the artists by name....

How to watch if you don't have Sky

For those who want to watch and do not have Sky here's what you need to do to watch it like me on the Now TV App - which I wrote last year - How to watch Sky Arts - Portrait Artist of the Year 2018 without subscribing to Sky!

Portrait Artist of the Year 2020

Deadline for entries is 22nd February 2019 (i.e. you have two weeks left to get that self-portrait finished and ready for a digital entry)

See my blog post Call for Entries: Portrait Artist of the Year 2020

See The PAOTY Trek to Battersea Arts Centre

I can confirm that there is absolutely no need to book to visit PAOTY in its new location at the Battersea Arts Centre. I know because I read it on one of the sites connected to the show - but I now can't find it. But I'll update here when I do!

Landscape Artist of the Year 2019

The Wildcard Artists at Loch Fyne
Deadline for Entries is 11th May 2019

See my blog post Call for Entries: Landscape Artist of the Year 2019 for more details of how you can enter plus some tips

Don't forget, this is the one where even if you don't make it into a POD you could always be invited to become a wildcard artists and be there on the day of the Heat! They always look like they have more fun to me!

Plus you can also suggest locations for 2019

Would you like to suggest a location for our next series of LANDSCAPE ARTIST OF THE YEAR? If so, tell us about a favourite view that you think would challenge our artists.

We shoot two episodes on consecutive days, so we need locations where there are two contrasting views close to each other; e.g. where we can face the castle on day one, and the surrounding hills on day two. We also need plenty of room for our “pods”, and it would help us if the ground beneath our feet could be relatively firm and flat.

We’d love to hear your ideas – and if we choose your suggestion, we’ll invite you to attend the shoot and meet the production team.

Send us an email to enclosing information about the location, especially any photos, and your contact details. Thank you!
My mind is racing...... :)

If you want to know more

For more about what it's like I suggest you
  • READ my blog posts about last year's competitions 
  • WATCH the series so far on Sky Arts or Now TV
  • WATCH the videos on the two webpages for the two competitions

Portrait Artist of the Year 2018

Landscape Artist of the Year 2018

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