Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Arts Council and Future Funding

On Tuesday, The Arts Council went to Leicester to:
This post covers videos explaining how it all works and references links to further and more detailed explanations on the Arts Council website

The Arts Council Funding Ecology 2018-22

The National Portfolio

This video was livestreamed about the announcement for how the National Portfolio works going forward in the next four years. It lasts 46 minutes.

There are 183 newcomers within the National Portfolio and the Arts Council intends to invest £170 million (4.6%) MORE outside London.

This fulfils the promises to
  • spend more outside London
  • reach places which hitherto have received very little funding from the Arts Council
  • bring museums and libraries into the portfolio
  • fund more diverse arts organisations

Get Funding

The Arts Council website explains:

Plus there's a video which explains how the Grants for Arts application portal and process works

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