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Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2017 - Watch the Heats

The Heats for the Sky Landscape Artist of the Year 2017 start next week. There are six heats in the first stage of the Competition taking place in the North East, North Yorkshire and South Wales.

All the Wild Cards have now been dished out with the exception of Heat 2 on Wednesday 14th June. See this page to apply

However the public can watch the heats take place!

Sky Arts LandscapeArtist of the Year competition would love you to come and join us on the day to support the artists and join in the fun! Filming will take place between 10am - 5pm approx. (it is not essential to stay for the duration of filming, you may come and go as you please)
Please take into consideration the weather and location in regards to clothing, footwear, and refreshments when planning for your chosen day.

Here are the locations

Heats 1 and 2: Paddy’s Hole, Teesside 

13th and 14th June 2017 - "striking industrial scenery in Teesside"

Paddy's Hole - The Wikipedia version
Paddy's Hole is a small harbour at the mouth of the River Tees - down river from Middlesborough. It's located in South Gare, near Redcar in Teeside (in the North East of England). This is a man made cove and is home to fishing boats and fisherman huts.  The backdrop in the picture above is the Coke Plant and Blast Furnace of the Teesside steelworks. It's situated about 2 miles down the private access road from Warrenby.
There are no shops at Paddy's Hole - so visitors will need to pack food and drink for the duration of your visit.

Paddy's Hole - the optimistic publicity version!


Heats 3 and 4 - Knaresborough Castle, North Yorkshire

20th and 21st June 2017 - "picturesque historic town"

Knaresborough Castle - up close

I'm thinking some of the views from the top of the hill must be superb if the ones looking up at it from the River are anything to go by.

Knaresborough Castle from underneath the bridge on the River Nidd

a stunning cliff-top location towering over the River Nidd stands Knaresborough Castle, once a mighty stronghold of medieval kings.
Knaresborough Castle is a ruined fortress overlooking the River Nidd in the town of Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, England. It's owned by the Duchy of Lancaster and is managed by Harrogate Borough Council.


Heats 5 and 6: Rhossili, Gower, South Wales

27th and 28th June 2017 - "spectacular views from the Gower Peninsula"

Sandy beaches at The Gower
The Gower Peninsula (Welsh: Penrhyn Gwyr) was the first place in Britain to be designated as an 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty' (AONB) by the Countryside Agency.  Rhossili is located at the most Western part of the Gower Peninsula - effectively it's the end of the road!

Rhossili Bay curves along an arc running northwards from the village. The sandy beach is three miles (5 km) long and is backed with sand dunes. Locals refer to the beach as Llangennith Sands. At the southern end of the Bay is the small tidal island called Worm's Head. It'll be interesting to see how the producers try to contain the painters!

Worm's Head

Important notice - Car park improvements taking place at Rhossili, although parking is available, we’ve fewer spaces than normal, it can get busy at times, please allow plenty of time for your visit. Coach parking is unavailable during improvement works.

Semi Finals and The Final

The Semi Finalists will consist of the winners of each of the Heats and will take place on Tuesday 18th July 2017. The Finalists will be asked to complete a further two landscape artworks

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  1. Good morning,

    Just a note on the picture of paddys hole river tees, there is no coking plant in the background. There are ore unloaders top left and philips refinery right of that.
    The coke ovens ( now redundant ) are to the left and out of picture.
    Just a bit of information as i have been going to the (gare) as is known locally for 56 yrs

    Dave Mescus


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