Sunday, September 18, 2016

Who's made a mark - 18th September 2016?

A round of some of latest posts on this blog and my various Facebook Pages (see the side column)

Art Competitions

Gridlock (Manhattan) by Janet Kenyon
winner of the Smith & Williamson Cityscape Prize
at the Sunday Times Watercolour Exhibition

Art Exhibitions & Collections

Art Exhibitions

Botanical Art

Art Collections

  • Who knew Richard Attenborough loved Picasso's ceramics? Or that he probably had the best collection in private hands?  Although Richard Attenborough made a lifetime loan of their Picasso ceramics to the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, the Guardian reports that Richard Attenborough's beloved Picasso ceramics to go on sale via auction

Art Business & Marketing

Art Studios

  • Will artists need to move out of London in future if they want cheap space to rent now that every last inch of brown field sites are being rezoned, refurbished and rebuilt? Read the article on Apollo Magazine about Where will London's Artists work?

Art Galleries & Fairs

Selling Art & Social Media

Instagram and Videos


  • As my series of articles for The Artist Magazine wind up, I start to write about matters you have to deal with after you start to trade and sell art in How to keep on the right side of the tax man in the September edition.

Time management

Art Education



Art on Television

Botanical Art

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