Tuesday, March 01, 2016

How to afford to exhibit your art

The third article in my series of "Cost effective ideas for artists" - about How to afford to exhibit your art - is now published in the April edition of The Artist.

This summarises where you can exhibit and ways to reduce costs plus how to avoid some nasty surprises when exhibiting with galleries or your own account.

A sample of the latest article in the April edition
The article covers:
  • solo exhibitions - at home or a local venue
  • art group exhibitions
  • commercial galleries
  • maximising your income
  • minimising your costs
  • how to avoid nasty surprises
  • PLUS it provides an exhibition expenses checklist and
  • identifies the extra expenses you incur (instead of paying commission) when you run your own exhibition
I'm covering online sites for exhibiting your art in the next article in the series.

As readers will be very aware I do tend to go to - and review - a lot of exhibitions. I've also been asking questions of artists, gallery managers and owners and collecting information about different ways of exhibiting for many years now.

For more in depth information I suggest you check out the pages in the Selling Art Section of my Art Business Info website. These include:
  • A Guide to Art Dealers & Art Galleries
  • Alternative Options for Exhibitions
  • Selling Art from Home
  • A Private View Invitation

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