Thursday, March 24, 2016

Video: The Small Works Room at RBA Annual Exhibition 2016

I visited the annual exhibition of the Royal Society of British Artists yesterday. This is open every day (10am - 5pm) at the Mall Galleries until the 2nd April.

View of the Main Gallery in the Annual Exhibition of the Royal Society of British Artists 2016
The Royal Society of British Artists (RBA) is dedicated to promoting the highest standards of skill, concept and draughtsmanship in painting, sculpture, printmaking and drawing.

A virtual exhibition

You can view the works in the exhibition in one of two ways:

Small Works Room

In the past, one of the most popular rooms at the RA's Summer Exhibition used to be the Small Weston Room which was crammed from floor to ceiling with paintings of every description.

It was good to see that this exhibition also has a dedicated Small Works Room in the North Galley. This is a video I made panning around the room slowly. You can see an HD version on YouTube on my Making A Mark Videos Channel

The room is a mix of works by member artists and works that were juried into the show from the open entry.

Hopefully this will give those artists who submit work to the RBA a better idea of what gets selected. I certainly saw quite a few works I liked a lot.

If anything, I think I could make a very good case for the RBA using one of the larger rooms in the North Gallery for the small works.

Tomorrow I'll be publishing my review of the exhibition as a whole.

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