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ROI Exhibition: Young Oil Painter Awards

One of the things I love to see is an art society which makes time to celebrate young emerging artists in its annual exhibition AND prize sponsors who believe in backing young artists.

At the 2015 Annual Exhibition of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters at the Mall Galleries, one wall is devoted to the Young Artists who were considered for the Winsor & Newton Oil Painters Awards (for artists aged 35 or under) who won Winsor & Newton Fine Art Materials to the value of First Prize - £1,000; Second Prize - £600 and Third Prize - £400.

The ROI's top cash prize is also one intended to encourage and support young oil painters.

The wall of Young Oil Painters (18-35 years old)
hung by the Mall Galleries technicians who did an excellent job
There's no specific competition for the young artists. Those eligible for the award are those selected via the open submission to the Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI) Annual Exhibition who indicate they are under 35 years of age.  Hence all paintings are also eligible to win awards from the 'main event'.

One of the interesting aspects of these awards is that winners often go on to become Associate and then full members of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters. It's certainly a very good way of getting your work noticed and remembered by the members of the ROI when your application for membership finally goes in.

Bernadette Timko wins Top Prizes

This year one young oil painter stood out - Bernadette Timko. She won BOTH:
  • An award of £2,000 in memory of Phyllis Roberts ROI to encourage and support young painters.
  • First Prize in the Winsor & Newton First Young Oil Painter Award - £1,000 of W&N art materials.
(She has also been chosen as a new NEAC Drawing School Scholar for 2015-16).

Bernadette Timko being presented with the Phyllis Robert Award (£2,000) at the ROI Annual Exhibition 2015by Sir William McAlpine
An award of £2,000 in memory of Phyllis Roberts ROI
(courtesy of the ROI)
The painting which won both awards was this self-portrait - which exhibits both beautiful draughtsmanship and really excellent use of both oil paint and colour.

Self Portrait by Bernadette Timko (SOLD)
Winner of the Phyllis Roberts Award and First Prize, Winsor & Newton Young Oil Painters
oil, 36 x 25cm
Frankly I was equally impressed by her other painting in the exhibition Anthony I - and I'm not in the least bit surprised that it has also sold.

Anthony I by Bernadette Timko (sold)
oil, 50 x 40cm
Frankly I expect to see her work turning up in exhibitions of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and the BP Portrait Award very soon.

(But please can she get a website soon!)

Other Prizewinners

Second Prize

The Second Prize went to Andrew Farmer for his self portrait which was a very colourful painting.

Self Portrait by Andrew Farmer
- won £600 of artists materials from W&N

Third Prize

Third prize was awarded to Harriet Pratt for her portrait of Ben. Interestingly all three prizewinners painted portraits.

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