Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Problem uploading images to Blogger via Chrome

I'm having a MAJOR problem uploading images to Blogger when using the Chrome browser

When I click the picture icon while writing a post - to upload an image - instead of getting the normal 'upload an image' screen, I get this huge pop-up with a completely nonsensical message

The message says "in order to select an item from your online storage, please sign in"
The problems with uploading images to Blogger via Chrome are:
  1. I don't want to select an image from my online Google storage - I've no idea what the popup is talking about. I don't store my images on Google - except as a byproduct of writing a blog post (i.e. after a post is published)
  2. Why would I need to sign into Google when I'm already signed in to write my blog?
  3. I'm offered no other options - despite the fact that 99% of the time I upload images from my computer. 
  4. I'm having to use another browser to write this post as I can't use Chrome and upload an image
  5. That browser offers me the option of uploading an image from:
    • from this blog
    • from Picasa web albums
    • from your phone 
    • from your webcam
    • from a URL
    • I ignore them all and select files from my computer's hard drive and upload those!
If anybody else has had similar problems I'd be interested to know if you've come up with a solution. 

In the meantime I'm going to be using Google Chrome Version 47.0.2526.73 (64-bit) an awful lot less

Until they fix the problem!


  1. The easiest thing to do is to use a different browser. Try Firefox or IE. That always works for me.

  2. Erica - I already am - that's how I managed to write this post! :)

    However what I don't understand is why one Google product blocks access to another Google product. I'd just like them to play nicely together. It's obviously a Chrome problem because the lack of any problem whatsoever in all the other browsers I use.

  3. Any snafu glitches funny goin's on during peak shopping holiday season take caution its not a scam. Weirdness on Google happened a week or so before a major hack on a server. Just sayin'.

  4. I had a the same problem and it was quite frustrating. I remembered that I could drag a photo and it worked. If it continues then I may have to also change browsers.

  5. Were you doing this in Blogger? How can you drag a photo and get it in precisely the right place - or with the right code so it shows up properly?

  6. @ Maywyn - that was my immediate reaction. I changed my password.

    Why on earth would Google use a blackbox?

    Anyway I've reported it to them via their Chrome Feedback mechanisms twice - once including the link to this blog as I couldn't get the black box to show up as a screen dump the first time round. Very odd.

  7. Oh - the relief - the problem is apparently being experienced by others and has now been recognised by Blogger

    I found this on the Blogger Help Forum

    "We're seeing a significant number of reports from blog owners who are uploading images (photos, pictures) in their posts, and being instructed to login.

    Blogger tells me I must sign in to access my online storage - and doesn't offer a File Manager search.

    If you are trying to upload images, and seeing the demand that you login, please provide details. See instructions, below.
    What is the URL of the blog?
    What is the URL of the Profile that you are using?
    What browser and operating system are you using?
    What is your location (country, province / state, city please)?
    Please make your responses brief, relevant, and responsive. Help Blogger Engineering to help you.

    (Update 12/1 11:20): Problem acknowledged by Blogger Support."

  8. Plus I also found this post from Google indicating that they are introducing "drag and drop"


    How is that progress?

    I've always found drag and drop one of the clumsiest ways of inserting an image!

    What's wrong with pointing to an image in a folder and asking it to insert it?

  9. Interesting. I haven't had this problem although I use Chrome and Blogger. Sometimes I struggle to get the images in the right place when uploading. I insert them and they appear at the top of the post instead-so frustrating!

  10. That happens because there's a bit of stray code which acts like a magnet for the images

    Go into the html view and remove the image and you'll often seen code associated with it which doesn't need to be there (starts with <div )

    If you get rid of that placement code you can locate the image in the right place.

  11. I use Chrome Version 46.0.2490.86 m and posted a blog with images yesterday and didn't have the problem. (Under Windows 7.) Hopefully, you will get it fixed!

  12. Just updated to Version 47.0.2526.73 m and still all is OK.

  13. I don't know - but for some reason it is not affecting everybody.

    However the number of people making complaints about it in the Blogger Help Forum continue to stack up.

  14. hmmm, interesting. For a very long time now, I have been having many problems uploading images from my laptop onto blogger, I prefer to use Firefox. Once I finally got mad enough to write to blogger and was told to use Chrome, since that is what their site is maximized for. And it works much better. I still have occasional problems placing my images where I would like them, but I usually give up and hope that the content is enticing enough for my readers to forgive the weird layouts. However, as a visual artist, I cannot help but think a less-than-wonderful design reflects badly on me.
    Other than that, and still preferring to use Firefox, the switch to Chrome (only) for uploading my blog posts has worked out well enough.

  15. I've also used Chrome thinking that it has to be the best browser if you are wanting your Blogger blog posts to turn out well.

    However this new update and what it's done to image uploading is a nightmare


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