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Review: Annual Exhibition 2015 - Royal Society of Miniature Artists, Sculptors and Gravers

This year's Annual Exhibition of the Royal Society of Miniature Artists, Sculptors and Gravers has more than 600 works of art - in miniature.  All the works are less than 6" x 4" in size.

The exhibition can be found in the North Gallery of the Mall Galleries and continues until Sunday 25th October. The exhibition is open each day from 10am to 5pm. It closes at 1pm on the final day. Admission is free.

A small part of the RMS Annual Exhibition 2015 in its regular home
- the North Gallery of the Mall Galleries

all photographs taken with permission of the RMS | all paintings in this post copyright the artist
The maximum overall sizes for miniatures including picture, frame and mount if any, are:

  • Rectangles and Ovals: 4.5" x 6" (11.5 x 15cm)
  • Squares: 4.5" x 4.5" (11.5 x 11.5cm)
  • Rounds: 4.5" (11.5cm) diameter
RMS - Artist Information for Exhibition Entry
You will see below that the actual paintings are quite a lot smaller than the allowed size including mat and frame.

This year you can also see a slideshow of works in the exhibition online.

The special display cases enable visitors to get a really good view of the miniature artworks
and at the same time make provide excellent security
This is also a Royal Art Society with a difference!  The comprehensive exhibition catalogue includes a signed endorsement from the Prince of Wales who is is a big admirer of the dexterity involved in miniature paintings both their Patron and awards a prize for miniature art (see below).

As always the exhibition is extremely well organised. Many congratulations also to the RMS webmaster on actually having the Society's website updated with everything relevant to the exhibition in the first week!

Miniature art also includes miniature sculpture


Demonstrations are held in the North Gallery throughout the exhibition. Those for this week are:


Below are the long list of prizewinners - although as per usual some artists were winning more than one prize!

Do also visit the RMS website to have a good look at the works which won the awards - minus the reflections in my photographs!

The Royal Society of Miniature Painters Sculptors and Gravers Gold Memorial Bowl - and Arturi Phillips 'Connoisseur' Award

Just one work is selected for this top award. This year the award went to Ewa Buksa for Suzi. 

Ewa is a Polish artist who uses enamel paints to paint on metal surfaces.  She studied at the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź and the Escola Superior de Disseny i d’Art Llotja in Barcelona and has been awarded a diploma with distinction from the Jewellery Design Faculty.

I liked her restrained frames to her oval miniatures

Suzi by Ewa Buksa
enamel paint on copper
copyright Ewa Buka
She also won the Arturi Phillips 'Connoisseur' Award with her painting of Sue

Sue by Ewa Buksa
enamel on copper
£800 SOLD
You can read more on her website about:
Sleepy Kitten by Suzanne Bradley,
Honourable Mention,
Gold Memorial Bowl
This is a technique of painting with enamels on a metal base: copper, silver or gold. The enamel is applied by brush. Each colour smelts at a different temperature in the furnace, and the painting is executed in numerous stages. Work on a single miniature takes approximately one month. The colour obtained remains unaffected by time or external factors, and is just the same hundreds of years later as when the miniature was finished. This is the most difficult and most demanding of all the enamelling techniques, and requires a combination of goldsmith, enamelling and painting expertise.
You can see the works which got Honourable Mentions re. the Gold Memorial Bowl on the Society's website.

The Prince of Wales Award for Outstanding Miniature Painting

Tracy Hall won this prestigious award for her tiny painting of a House Sparrow.  Tracy is a previous winner of the Gold Memorial Bowl - at her first exhibition with RMS in 2008. (see this post)

House Sparrow by Tracy Hall
2.75" x 1.75" watercolour on Arches
This is a photo of the grouping of Tracy Hall's work - which I take for Tracy every year because she lives up in Orkney!

Group of watercolour miniature paintings by Tracy Hall

President's Special Commendation Miniature Work

AND Rosemary and Co First Time Exhibitor Award

President's Special Commendation Miniature Work - Anenomes £250 SOLD
Rosemary and Co First Time Exhibitor Award - Where's Mum? £250 SOLD
by Pam Wilmot
This was won by Pam Wilmot - who was also being rewarded by seeing 4 of her five works sell when I visited the exhibition just after the PV last week.

The Royal Miniature Society Group Award and The Elizabeth Meek Award

South African artist Karyn Wiggill ARMS won the £500 for the award for the best group of miniature artworks.

Group of miniature drawings by Karen Wiggill
pencil on paper
£220 - £250

The Elizabeth Meek Award was created by the ex-President of the RMS and was also won by Karen for her very fine pencil drawing of a rhino. This is her blog 

Portrait of a Rhino by Karyn Wiggill
pencil on paper
£250 (SOLD)

Llewellyn Alexander Subject Miniature Award and Anita Emmerich Presentation Award

This £500 award went to Andrew Hutchinson ARMS  for a contre jour portrait of a cow.

Nosey Cow by Andrew Hutchinson
acrylic on board

Andrew won two awards like last year. This year his second award was the Anita Emmerich Presentation Award

English Pointer by Andrew Hutchinson
acrylic on board
£310 SOLD

The Marion Winter 'Kunstler Award' of £500

This is an award by a German miniature artist who lives in Australia - which Alison Griffin PVPRMS, HS, SLm won this year with a detailed miniature painting of an interior.

Cushions on the Sofa by Alison Griffin
acylic on board

The Marion Winter 'Joey Award' for Animals and Wildlife of £500

A racing horse won this prize for Ihtasham Hasan. There's a much better image on the website.

Tent Pegging by Ihtasham Hasan

Peter Charles Booth Memorial Award

Rosemary Bentley RNS HS won this award with her monochromatic watercolour painting in the style an old photo.

John Leslie by Rosemary Bentley RMS HS
watercolour on polymin

Anthony J Lester Art Critics Award

Iain Gardiner RMS won the Art Critics Award which Anthony J Lester awards each year.  Iain won the Gold Memorial Bowl in 2010.

Iain's work is very cmplex as it always involves some degree of reflection or refraction of light within it. In this instance I recognised from the views that he'd been with his model at the top of The Shard.

Reflection with the View of St Paul's by Iain Gardiner
oil on canvas
I subsequently met Iain and his girlfriend and model and they kindly posed for me next to the group of his artwork.

Iain Gardiner and his girlfriend and model

The Bonhams Portrait Award

This was won by the world renowned portrait artist Bill Mundy RMS.

Clive Martin OBE by Bill Mundy
watercolour on vellum

The Mundy Sovereign Portrait Award

This award is a sovereign mounted in a framed certificate for the best portrait.

A Belgian artist - Jill Keppens - won the Mundy Sovereign Portrait Award. Bill Mundy wrote a blog post about why he awarded her this prize that he initiated and judges - see Silver and Gold.
For the past twenty-five years I’ve given ‘The Mundy Portrait Sovereign Award’ for the miniature portrait I consider to be the best in the exhibition. Embedded in the award is a gold sovereign). This year I took great delight in awarding it to Jill Keppens for a most wonderful portrait. Jill is only twenty- five years old and is one of a pair of twin artists.
Edward de Neef by Jill Keppens
watercolour on polymin
I missed a couple of awards. These are:

  • The Bidder and Borne Sculptors and Gravers Award - £350 won by Ray Winder for The Hunted
  • Arturi Phillips Connoisseur Commendation Award - won by Elizabeth Meek MBE PPRMS for her painting of Toby Dalton. Elizabeth retired as the President of the RMS in 2014 and was awarded an MBE n the 2014 New Year Honours List for Services to the Arts

What I liked

It was good to see evidence of innovation and I loved the engraving on glass with gold lead - by Claire Russell. Claire is also the Executive Secretary of the RMS.

Claire Russell

Tom by Ewa Buksa 
enamel on copper £800
Plus my personal favourite of Ewa Buksa's paintings was this one - of Tom. I loved the pointillism in the background and the colours.

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  1. Thank you so much for the photo Katherine! As always hugely appreciated from a geographically challenged artist. Looks like a terrific exhibition. Next year hope to be there in person again. Fingers crossed!


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