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ING Discerning Eye 2015 - Selected Artists

The names of the artists who have artwork selected for the ING Discerning Eye 2015 Exhibition were recently announced.  You can find them below, ordered by the number of works selected and with links to their websites in their names - where I can find them.

I'm very reliant on artists getting their  website on to the front page of Google and actually announcing their good news on their website - and the general look and content of the site. However if I've got any of the links wrong do please let me know (see side column) and I'll change it straight away.

Artists also have the opportunity to email me an image of the artwork which has been selected and I'll update this blog post with the image - if I like it! This has worked very well in past posts about selected artists (eg I had LOTS sent to me for the Sunday Times Watercolour selected artists) - so for everybody else you might want to bookmark this post and come back and check from time to time

Ing Discerning Eye 2015 - The Exhibition

The Exhibition is on display at the Mall Galleries from 12-22 November 2015. It's open from 10am to 5pm and admission is free.

Eligible work had to be handmade. Drawings, paintings, sculptures and photographs were all admissable.

Mountain Village by Sue Wales

Ing Discerning Eye Exhibition 2014 - Selected Artists

Below the list of selevcted artists is split by (1) the number of works and (2) alphabetically. The link in an artist's name is to his or her website. Links to a commercial gallery page or the website of an art society are noted separately.

Some of the websites reminded me of the imperative to say what you do succinctly in your about page - in one line. Some did do that while with others, I read through several and was none the wiser when I got to the end.

Six works

Five works

Four works

  • Day Bowman - previous exhibitor
  • Chris Bushe - (gallery) a landscale painter and a member of the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour (RSW)
  • Michele Griffiths - weird website - I'm not seeing any images 
  • Richard Heys - an abstract painter and sculptor

Three works

  • Emma Finch (Gallery) - a ceramic artist of urban scenes
  • Holly Frean - Over the last five years Frean has explored the possibilities of building up pictures from multiple images arranged in formal grid
  • Tim Goffe - paints the urban/industrial environment 
  • Steph Goodger - I'm not enamoured with her approach to telling people who she is and what she does on her website
  • Michael Greene - I think this one is the contemporary Scottish painter and printmaker
  • Marguerite Horner - lots of words on her website but lacks a succinct summary
  • Sally Lawson - works full time as a figurative painter
  • Sara Lee Roberts - previous exhibitor in 1999 and 2010, Currently teaching drawing and painting at The Prince’s Drawing School
  • Kate Newington - produces collage portraits; I love the sound track opening to her website
  • Lesley Ninnes - (Society website) a member of St Ives Society of Artists
  • Tom Palin - currently doing a MPhil / PhD (Painting). The Royal College of Art
  • Bob Royston 
  • Michael Smee - (gallery website)
  • Margaret Thompson - secretary of Islington Art Society (IAS)
  • Philip Tyler - (gallery website)
  • Richard Whadcock - methods and qualities of printmaking have filtered into his way of developing a painting
Bridleway by Richard Whadcock

Two works

Reflected light across the valley by Paul Newland
Oil on board
  • Andrew Pearson - aims for visual impact, energy and strong design
  • Jenny Pockley - (gallery website) recipient of scholarships and six 'sell out' shows
  • Ian Price - an RWA, Mall Galleries and Holburne portrait prize exhibited artist also paints the Portishead coastline
  • Karen Purple - British abstarct landscape artist
  • Robinson & McMahon - (gallery website) a collaboration between two artists who share a studio but not the same style of painting
  • Jenny Shaw - retired from academia and now works almost full time as an artist
  • Katie Sollohub - a Sussex based artist with an exuberant use of colour who this year taught the last workshop at Turner's House before it closed for renovation
  • Mark Surridge - contemporary abstract artist based in Cornwall
  • Naoko Takata - lives in Somerset
  • Delia Tournay-Godfrey  - lots of art but no text or details
  • Eithne Twomey - Artist working in paint, print, drawing and glass; a member of South London Women Artists
  • Richard Twose - second prizewinner in the bp portrait 2014 - and became a full time artist as a result - see my video interview with him. Currently Artist in Residence at the Royal College of Art (autumn 2015)
  • Sally Tyrie - makes drawings and prints, primarily using multilayered printmaking techniques and mixed media
  • Ann Marie Whaley - American living in London, previously exhibited in ING in 2008 and 2013
  • Roy Willingham  (Gallery profile page) - member of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers
  • Robbie  Wraith RP - Not everybody gets to display a letter from the Prince of Wales (one of his clients) on their bio page. He's had thirty three one-man exhibitions in Britain, Europe, China and the USA. Won the Discerning Eye Founder's Purchase Prize in 2009. Selector in 2010 (see REVIEW: The ING Discerning Eye Exhibition 2010)
Robert Wraith is a remarkable draughtsmanHRH The Prince of Wales

One work

  • Nicholas Archer - very irritating website - it keeps moving!
  • Kevin Badni - "Specialises in using high end technology to create visually engaging art and designs."
  • Daryl Balcomb
David Brayne demonstrating how he paints 
with pigment and acrylic gels at an RWS exhibition
at the Bankside Gallery in 2007
  • David Brayne - a member of the Royal Watercolour Society who paints directly using pigments (see him at work and read about how he works in my 2007 blog post about Royal Watercolour Society - artists and their working methods)
  • David Caldwell - exhibited with the ING DE in 2014 and has a good track record of being selected for competitive open entry exhibitions
  • Alison Conlon 
  • Emma Copley - born in Ireland, Studied in USA (at Rhode Island School of Design) and lives and works in Cambridge. Currently a Contestant in the Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year
  • Claire Coskie - paints the sea and skyscapes found along the Cornish coastline
  • Martin Cox - photographer born in UK, lives in Los Angeles
  • Nigel Cox - an Irish figurative artist with a Knowledge Graph box on Google
  • Michael Cull (gallery site)
  • Serena Curmi - works as a works as a full time painter in Bristol
  • Catherine Davison - An impressive painter of the urban landscapes of Edinburgh- see my 2014 blog post Catherine Davison wins £15,000 Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize 2014
  • Joan Doerr - born in Glasgow, but now lives and works in Edinburgh creating abstract paintings based on stimulati from her environment. Selected for ING DE in 2013 and 2014. Has a catalogue of her work from a recent exhibition on Issuu
  • Thomas Doran - pictures mostly tend to be small, around postcard size in oil on wood panel. Previously selected for Lynn Painter-Stainer and Threadneedle.
M4 by Thomas Doran
Oil on Wood
It's a tiny moleskine watercolour sketchbook with 29 double pages of roads, mainly the A39 and the M5. It's housed in an opening frame allowing you to change the displayed image.
By Sarah Wimperis

Note for Selected Artists

If you want me to say something about you, try to have:
  1. a website
  2. a succinct summary of your artistic practice - in no more than two lines

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Good to see this list and selected artworks, thank you. Note to self, must update entry on St Ives Society of Artists website! Delighted to have had three works accepted this year and am waiting, like everyone else I'm sure, to know who has selected what. Best wishes, Lesley N

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