Sunday, June 07, 2015

Lucy Willis painting and a reminder of Sunday Times Watercolour Competition 2015 deadline

You have a week left to enter the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition. The deadline for online submissions for the 2015 competition is 5pm, Monday 15th June 2015.

For details of what you can enter and how to enter see:
You can eventually find the information you need if you look hard - but you'll probably find it quicker in my blog post - where I link precisely to each element of information that you need to know! :)

The new Sunday Times Watercolour website

A new blog for the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition

In a lot of ways, although the ST Watercolour Comp Twitter account (@WatercolourComp) describes the new site as a website

it would actually be more accurate to call the new site a blog rather than a website.

It has some posts with videos which make for interesting viewing.

Here's one of them. Lucy Willis - one of my favourite contemporary  watercolour artists - demonstrates how she paints (with an extremely well used paintbox and palette) on three different watercolour papers made by St. Cuthberts Mill.

I suggest you click HD and expand to full screen - it works very well.

Now - how many of you paint your watercolours with a brush that big?

Playing with paper, with Lucy Willis from Parker Harris on Vimeo.
Using each of the St Cuthberts Mill watercolour papers in turn (Bockingford, Saunders Waterford and Millford), artist Lucy Willis explores how each reacts to different paint effects. Filmed at St Cuthberts Mill in Somerset.

Incidentally one of the posts also announces the tour venues (after the exhibition at the Mall Galleries) which are:

  • Castle Fine Art in Birmingham from 10 – 18 October 2015 - which will be the very first time the exhibition has come to Birmingham 
  • Guildford House Gallery in Guildford from 21 November 2015 – 2 January 2016 (for the 3rd year running). 

PS. Last week took it out of me - hence the break from blogging while I do a bit of emotional rehab! There will be another post about the RA Summer Exhibition - either later today or tomorrow.

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