Friday, June 19, 2015

Major Broadband problems

I'm having HORRENDOUS problems with upload speed at present due to the road being dug up around my local BT box in the street. I've currently got a massive error rate on my broadband line which started earlier this week with the actions of the heavy duty diggers.

Green BT box next to a very big hole in the street!
This pic struggled to upload....
I'm not quite sure when the works end or how long it will take for BT to fix whatever problems the digging has caused.  (That big hole is where a road drain should be!)

This means that:
  • uploads of videos are proving to be impossible - and I can barely upload a photo to this blog post right now.  
  • I'm going to have to defer my BP Portrait Award posts until next week when I can include the trot around the exhibition and the interviews with artists on video.  
  • I will try and post more normal posts - but right now my broadband is close to falling over.
Apologies for my last post which I have now removed and will repost once things get back to normal.

Coming up next - if I can get it posted - is a review of the Annual Exhibition of the New English Art Club at the Mall Galleries - but that's after my weekend shop and a new ADSL micro filter to eliminate that as a possible fault - just to be on the safe side!

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