Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Annual Exhibition of the Royal Society of Marine Artists - Review (Part 1)

These are some views of the 2014 Annual Exhibition of the Royal Society of Marine Artists.

I visited two exhibitions at the Mall Galleries yesterday. The RSMA was having its Private View which, oddly enough, I never find an ideal time to view an exhibition - because of all the people!

RSMA 69th Annual Exhibition 2014 - Private View at the Mall Galleries this afternoon
So I had a general look round at what looks to me like a very well presented exhibition of excellent paintings - but I didn't have time to have a really detailed look at paintings.

I will be going back for an end of exhibition and  "who did well (prizes/sales)?" review (Part 2) towards the middle/end of next week after a short trip I need to make which takes me out of London.

The subject matter of the paintings is defined as follows
The subject matter must be essentially marine in nature, relating in some way to tidal waters of the world; topographical, historical, still life, and figure painting are all welcomed. Most media are acceptable, including oils, watercolour, acrylics, pastels, drawings, prints and sculpture.

Anyway - here's the exhibition as per the panoramic feature on my new iPhone. I discovered yesterday that this takes better pics in artificial light than my camera!

You can see these bigger if you right click and open in a new tab.

Demonstrations and workshops

These are the artists doing demonstrations during the course of the exhibition plus a tour of the exhibition
  • Friday 17th Oct, afternoon - Fred Beckett (oil) and Ben Mowll (watercolour) working in the gallery (free with admission)
  • Saturday 18th Oct - President's Tour, 11.00am (free with admission).
  • Sunday 19th Oct, afternoon - John Lines (oil) working in the gallery (free with admission).
  • Tuesday 21st Oct, morning - Lorraine Abraham (drawing) and Alan Runagall (watercolour) working in the gallery (free with admission).
  • Thursday 23rd Oct, afternoon - Keith Noble (watercolour) working in the gallery (free with admission).
  • Friday 24th, afternoon - Colin Allbrook (watercolour) working in the gallery (free with admission).

You can find out about the workshops on this page of the RSMA website

Thinking of exhibiting next year?

Registration & Digital Submission (for pre-selection) to the 2015 RSMA Open Exhibition: Please note that from 2015 ALL work must be submitted on-line in the first instance. On-line submission dates below.
  • On-line Submission opens: 6th April 2015, 12 noon.
  • On-line submission closes: 10th July, 12 noon.
  • Log-in for results: 17th July, from 12 noon

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  1. I have a very stupid question. How do you get the iphoone to take that kind of wide view photos? Is it new for the Iphone 6 or is it an app?

    I really smile when I read the text and look at your photos- where else in the world could there be a special society for only marine artists but in Britain? You british are wonderful when it comes to aknowledge all the different forms of art:-)!

  2. It's the panoramic view on my new iPhone 6 camera - I love it!

    The great thing about being an island nation is we are all no more than 70m miles from the sea - and much less than that from a tidal river.


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