Tuesday, August 26, 2014

POLL: Photography in Art Galleries and Museums

There's been a lot of discussion about the photography of art in art galleries of late. However today you've got an opportunity to express your views.

Tourists photographing the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, in Paris
This is a POLL to identify what people think about photography in art galleries.
  • You can vote up to three times to express your views (but be sure to choose all three options at the same time as you can only press the vote button once)
  • the poll closes at midday in a week's time
  • please also leave a comment about what you think
I'm also going to write a longer piece about this at some stage as the issue is quite complex. Your views will inform that post.

[NOTE: Some people have commented that they are unable to click the Vote button - although it's obviously working for other people as votes are accumulating. This may be because they voted once - and pressed the button - and can't vote again for their other two choices because of the IP and cookie block on repeat voting]


  1. The vote button on your poll will not "click".

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Thing is it did when I clicked it.

    Did you look at the results first?
    If you did then you need to click 'return to poll'

  3. Yeah, it would not click for me either.
    No, I did not view the results first.
    Hovering over the vote button and I see the same pointer symbol as you see for text/comments and not the arrow or the hand.
    I could check the box, arrow shows, but vote button did not work.

    I do think No-flash photography should be allowed in museums since work is generally not for sale. I suppose private galleries should have the choice.

    Of course it should go without saying that simple courtesies should be observed when doing so and not everyone is self aware as I have seen more than once.
    Major museum and gallery shows, especially openings, that are crowded and with a lot of people all wanting to get their chance to view the work people should respect others and NOT be photographing.
    So maybe shows/openings like that it should be prohibited.
    Will be interested to see your more in-depth post on this.

  4. That's puzzling. Thing is - the poll has already collected a large number of votes which means it works for other people.

    Things I can think of are:
    * did you vote once and then try again? You have to pick all three choices at the same time and then vote as there is a block by cookie and IP address on this poll (ie after you've voted you can't vote again)
    * has somebody else in your house already voted?
    * did you accept or reject the cookies relating to my blog and this poll? Try clearing your cookies and starting again

  5. It worked now, thanks Katherine.
    iMac. After I emptied the cache and cleared the cookies.
    Note: the first attempt, after I emptied the cache and cleared the cookies, it did not work.
    I also needed to shut down and restart Safari.

  6. It would't allow me to vote at first but was fine when I looked at the results and then clicked return to poll, as you suggested
    Bernadette Madden

  7. Can't click either. Didn't look at results first. I'm using a Mac - anybody else with a mac having same problem?

  8. David - see the comments above and try again after taking what seems to you to be the most appropriate action

  9. Photography in galleries and museums spoil the atmosphere and experience of being in front of great art. The noise mobiles make cannot be muted and are a major distraction. Many clicking "tourist" are there to collect mementos of their trip and won't look at the photos again. If they loved an artwork enough they could easily visit the shop or a website and get a better quality version.


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