Friday, August 15, 2014

Who painted this? #61

"Who painted this?" returns following the break while I wrote my book!   

This week we'll start with a painting which is both seasonal and is a painting I've never seen before. However I could tell who the painter was straight away due to a particular attribute of the painting. I'm thinking a fair few will also make the connection - identify the artist - and go hunting for the title.

Who painted this? #61
Don't forget - there are rules to how "Who painted this?" works - and these are detailed in THE RULES for participating in this challenge.

Briefly, in your comment you must tell me ALL of the following:
  1. the title of the artwork
  2. the name of the artist who created this artwork
  3. the date it was created
  4. the media used
  5. where it lives now
  6. how you know all this eg how did you do your search
  7. anything else you can find out about the artwork and/or artist
The Winner is the first identifiable person (i.e. no anonymous guesses) who, in my judgement, is the first person to get to the answer by fair means AND provides the best quality answer in terms of added details about the artwork and artist

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Who Painted This #59 - The Answer

Who painted this? #60 - Cypress Tree by Kanō Eitoku
Title of the artwork: 檜図 (Cypress Tree)
Name of the artist who created this artwork: Kanō Eitoku (狩野 永徳, 1543 - 1590)
Date it was created: 1590? Azuchi-Momoyama period/16th century
Media used: eight folded screen; Ink on paper covered with gold leaves, 170.3 x 460.5
Where it lives nowTokyo National Museum (東京国立博物館)
The painting has been designated as National Treasure in the category paintings.

The link to the museum has a wonderful explanation about this painting.
Against a backdrop of gold-leafed ground and clouds, the powerful form of an enormous tree fills the screen with its great spreading branches. By simplifying the background, minimizing the number of colors, and by depicting the tree bark energetically with a seemingly coarse brush, the artist has emphasized the commanding presence of the cypress tree. The dark blue waters of a pond peek out from openings in the gold ground and gold clouds.
You can get up close and personal and inspect the original file - but first be sure to note its size! Original file ‎(20,880 × 7,822 pixels, file size: 85.61 MB, MIME type: image/jpeg)

What's special about this painting is that it is painted on an eight panel screen.

Who guessed correct?

Tessa Spanton (Colours and Textures) was the first to respond very fast with a comprehensive answer.

Special mention to:

  • Sue Smith who also got the answer fast
  • Bernadette Madden who also provided a very full answer with great information about the artist.
I can highly recommend going back and reading the original post


Stephen Lawlor said...

Joaquin Sorolla
Child's Siesta
Oil on Canvas
Private Collection

I recognised the brushwork on in this painting immediatly. I have always liked the fluid handling of Sorolla's painting.I simply Googled Sorolla images and found the painting very quickly. I visited the Sorolla museum in Madrid a few years ago which was the artists home and is preserved as it was when he lived there. The house is full of paintings and sketches. This painting looks like a sketch for something more finished but is has all of the wonderful under-colours
in that natural style of his. He painted many large historical works which to me are a little stiff and formal but he was very fashionable during his lifetime and is best known for his portraits,landscapes and scenes of everyday life like this one.


Who Painted This #61
Title - Childs Siesta
Artist - Josquin Sorolla (spain)
Date created - 1981
Media - Oil on Panel
Current location - Private Collection
How did I know ....
I immediately recognized the palette and brush work ... I was not sure of the painter. I narrowed it to subject matter .... children and water and beach ..... There is Sorolla ...
Lovely painting. I love his palette and bold, rough brushwork yet the result is usually
warm and sweet ..... I also knew that I had seen his work not too long ago.
Fun Challenge ! Glad I followed my nose!

Anonymous said...

Artist Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida
Title Child’s Siesta
Date C1918
Medium Oil on board
Where Private Collection
How I found it I knew I’d seen something like it before, tried the obvious painters, Monet etc, then remembered Sorolla (he was the answer to Who Painted This? a while ago, I’d never heard of him then and didn’t get the answer) so looked him up and found the image,
Born in Valencia Spain, in 1863, Sorolla and his younger sister were orphaned when just toddlers and were brought up by their Aunt and Uncle. Like many a talented youngster in those days he started learning art at the tender age of 9 and when 18 went to Madrid to study the paintings in the Prado. He was given a scholarship to Rome and continued from there to Paris .He married Clotilde Garcia del Castillo,the daughter of a painter, in 1888 and they had 3 children. In 1890 they moved to Madrid and his career began to take off. By the age of 35 he was one of the most famous artists in Spain, had won a gold medal at the National Exhibition in Madris, first prize in the Chicago International Exhibition, shown work in the Paris Salon and had his work bought by Museums as well as important private collectors. Even as a young painter his use of light and way of painting it stood out, he worked very quickly in order to retain the freshness of the image he was trying to capture. His genre paintings especially of indoor scenes show how much he had learnt by studying the classical paintings in the Prado and other galleries. A well developed social conscience led to a series of paintings,the most important being ‘Sad Inheritance’ (1899), which showed a group of children, some crippled by Polio, on the beach at Valencia, which was received with great critical acclaim. Sorolla gave one of the oil sketches for this to John Singer Sargent and another to William Merritt Chase. He continued on to more success, more awards…too much to mention here…he had exhibitions in New York, London, Germany and in other countries. He was a prodigious worker , (at least 2200 pieces exist), painting murals and portraits, tiny canvases and enormous ones ( the murals in the Hispanic Society of America measure about 14` X 227`) He had a stroke while painting in his garden and died in 1920.For all his fame during his lifetime, he is now not so well known outside of Spain ,where his house is now a museum, but recent exhibitions, in NYC,Brazil and Dallas should help to rectify this. And his advice to young artists…”You should not know what your picture is to look like until it is done.Just see the picture that is coming."
Delighted that "Who Painted This?" is back, though I found my research skills a little rusty after the long holidays!

Sharlene Stushnov-Lee said...

Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida
oil on board
circa 1918
Painted in Spain, most likely Javea when he was about 55 years old
approx. size = 2.46" by 3.4"
It is in a private collection

I found the information in various places on the internet

Sharlene Stushnov-Lee

Hank said...

I think it's a Joaquin Sorolla titled "Girl on the Beach" or I've also seen it "Niaa on the Beach" and also "Child's Siesta". 1918. I'm working on the rest.

Teri said...

1. Child’s Siesta

2. Joaquin Sorolla (Katherine! he is one of my favorite artists!)

3. c. 1918

4. Oil on panel

5. Private collection

6. I began right away to think Sorolla, but not sure how to begin, I just googled ‘impressionist painting with figure under beach umbrella’. I also went to but didn’t get too far. The google search took me eventually to: and there it was!

7. The following from
His full name is: Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida (Feb 27, 1863 - Aug 10, 1923)
He was a Spanish painter, born in Valencia, who excelled in the painting of portraits, landscapes, and monumental works of social and historical themes. His most typical works are characterized by a dexterous representation of the people and landscape under the sunlight of his native land.

Colours and Textures said...

Edward Henry Potthast? I haven't found the image but his painting Beach Umbrella is a bit similar.

Hank said...

Well, this much more was certainly easy It's oil on board and in a private collection. Maybe I'll be able to find out what private collection. I googled Joaquin Sorolla 1918 Child's Siesta. I withdraw my anticipated howl of frustration.

Colours and Textures said...

Any clues?

jane said...

Give us an answer, please!

I think it is a Sorolla, particularly A Child's Siesta, painted in 1918 in oils on board. Seems to be in a private collection - and I recognized the colours and went searching, as you say.

(Was very disappointed in the Sorolla's in the Hispanic Society collection in NYC -maybe because so many people had told me how wonderful they were. Just didn't connect with them, somehow>)