Saturday, June 28, 2014

Video - What the Artist saw

This is another of the films which the National Portrait Gallery have commissioned to make about the competition process relating to the BP Portrait Award 2014. This film - BP Portrait Award 2014: What the Artist saw - The Judging - is about the judging process and features two artists
  • Alan Coulson - a past prizewinner. He won the the third prize in 2012 for this portrait of Richie Culver and also has a painting in this year's exhibition - see Jordan below and Jordan and Alan in the screen image for the video.
  • Jo Fraser - who has had her work selected in 2011 and won the BP Travel Award in 2011 (see BP Travel Award 2011: Jo Fraser travels to Peru)
Jordan by Alan Coulson 2014
I think it's a great film - and very nicely edited. It gives you the artist's perspective and also shows you the Judges and what they have to say.

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