Wednesday, June 25, 2014

BP Portrait Award: From 2,500+ entries to just three artists

Tonight we go from over 2,500 people who entered the BP Portrait Award 2014 to three prizewinners - and just one person who wins the top award. This year the National Portrait Gallery which organises the exhibition has filmed the artists shortlisted for an award.

In a few minutes time I start getting reading to go to the Awards Ceremony at the National Portrait Gallery which is this evening. I've got to be there by 6.45pm!

Definitely one of the best bits of writing this blog is being able to go up to the three people who have been shortlisted for the prize and ask them for an interview. (see my post Shortlist announced for BP Portrait award 2014)

Do watch this brilliant film made by the National Portrait Gallery about the journey of the three BP Portrait Award finalists to the gallery where the exhibition is held - and where the awards will be announced at 7.30pm this evening.

I was smiling all the way through it - it's so good to hear from people who are really into painting people - and painting from life.

Tomorrow I'll be interviewing and videoing the artists and videoing the exhibition.

Don't forget - next year it could be you! You can register now to find out how to enter next year's award Come back this week for more of my special posts about the BP Portrait award.

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  1. Thrilled to see David Kassan in the running - genius


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