Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Timeline of Daily Painting Practices and Marketing

Time to take stock.

What follows is a record of the blog posts I've written on this blog in the last five years about the daily painting phenomena and how it has developed - both in terms of painting practice and marketing practices. 

I started compiling it because I'm drafting a blog post about the Daily Paintworks website and its brand new approach to marketing art online.

It seemed like a good idea to start by getting a fix on what has happened when in the timeline of developments in the marketing of daily paintings.  It soon became apparent that this topic deserves a post all to itself rather a footnote!

Hence my post about the changes to the Daily Paintworks website will now follow tomorrow [Update - this will now be next week following the announcement this eveing of the death of Lucian Freud.]

Why a timeline?
  • For those who are new to the notion of selling your art online, the posts provide an insight into the history of what has gone before.
  • For those of you who have been involved, it provides a record of how much practice has developed and moved on - and started to come back again......
I've split the posts into two halves. .

Marketing daily paintings - a timeline of developments

This first section focuses on the developments in marketing art online in general and daily paintings in particular
The new Daily Paintworks site - in 2007!
Daily painting practice

The second relates to artistic development and daily painting processes and practices

I don't think very many artists continue to produce a painting each day.  For one thing, it's actually very difficult to come up with a new subject each day - especially if you are of the "when the spirit moves me" school of thinking,

However a lot have produced new artwork every day or at least on a very regular basis.  What's interesting is to see how those who have been diligent in this respect have looked for new stimuli - in terms of both subject matter, size, style and approach to their artwork to maintain their output.

It has become apparent to me that getting the balance right between generating small works and larger paintings is critical for those producing smalll artwork for sale online on a long-term basis.
  • they produce good quality and original work
  • they have a business-like approach to their art business
  • they present their artwork well - using good quality images and good design
  • they have a consistent style - making their work very collectable
  • they use an appropriate medium and channel to allow people to buy at least some of their work at reasonable prices (some sell small works; some sell prints etc)
  • Postcard from Provence: two years on 16 Feb 2007 to mark the second anniversary of the very post on Postcard from Provence which had notched up just short of 250,000 visitors in two years.
  • Justin Clayton answers some questions 13 Nov 2006 - Justin Clayton published a very informative set of answers to the questions that he frequently gets asked by those wanting to join the daily painting movement.
  • Duane Keiser - processes and paintings 20 Nov 2006 - there's an awful lot more to Duane than nearly two years of daily paintings on his first blog and a phenomenal record of sales.
  • Duane's latest pb&j is a bit different........... 03 Jan 2007  I had to giggle when I saw Duane Keiser's latest painting of a PB&J sandwich (#6). Given his status as THE trendsetter for blogging art and sales on e-bay I'm just wondering how many of the followers of Duane's daily paintings are going to get to grips with this latest 'innovation'!
PB & J No.6 - after 15 hours working alla prima - and Duane Keiser in his studio
  • 'The 1000th Postcard from Provence 17 Oct 2008 -  Subsequently Julian switched to a dedicated auction system on his website (which I rather suspect is the envy of many a daily painting blogger) and is now able to sell his paintings for rather more money!
  • Plagiarism or 'passing off' - it's got to stop 24 Mar 2011 - commentary and debate about repetition and when it veers towards duplication 
  • Make your own art! 25 Mar 2011 - a post focusing on why and how every painter can be an 'original'. This post includes some tips for those that are struggling with this.
  • Practice, experience and style 30 Mar 2011 - which reflects on the notion and value of daily practice - a point highlighted  in a number of comments on recent posts.
The Painting A Day Stickability Award

Created as part of the first Making A Mark Awards in 2006, the Painting a Day Stickability Award has been won by a number of artists.  Click the link to see who has won it, the reasons why and get a link to their blogs

and finally....

Here are the two websites I've compiled over the course of recent years for those trying to sell their art online.  Suggestions for useful links to add in and share - or ones which need updating - are always most welcome!

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