Friday, July 15, 2011

Blogger has a new Interface (in draft)

Blogger has a new interface - very minimal and very clean.  It reminds me a bit of Apple.

This is what the layout page of this blog looks like in the new Interface
I'm still working my way through it.

So far as I can see all the rest of the "behind the scenes" stuff is pretty much the same as before - but it sure looks very different!  Very Zen!

In some ways it's quite disconcerting and I recommend that you don't take a look until you've got time to explore slowly.  Otherwise you might just get lost!

The way to access the new interface is via Blogger in Draft - which is the part of Blogger where you can try out the new developments before they are released to the world in general.

You can read all about the new Interface in:
This page lists known issues and the ones which have been fixed.


Big tip - if confused hit either the name of your blog or the big Blogger icon in the top left hand corner and the menu of options reappears

What I like best - the fact that the window in which you post now extends as you write so you can see the whole post on your screen all the time. About time too! 

Major gripes - it would seem that I am not alone in finding it hard to look at in terms of brightness and lack of contrast for those of whose eyesight is less than wonderful. I think Blogger needs a user panel which includes older people!

Comments about how it's working can be found and where things can be found - can be found in comments! You can also read the comments on the Blogger in Draft posts to see what else people like/find irritating.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the heads-up. Google (B's owner) is constantly changing things. This new interface is challenging!

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

It also seems to take 2 or 3 more steps to get at things like drafts or pages. Of course once you get to the page you show, it's nice! It just seems to take too long to get there...

David Teter said...

Yeah, it's generally better. Took some getting used to though since I had finally learned the old editor (interface).
One change that took me forever to figure out was in 'scheduled posts'. You still select the time and date and 'Scheduled at' (under post options) like before but you have to select 'PUBLISH POST', push the orange button.

This implies the post will publish immediately, but really Blogger will hold that post until the scheduled time. If you DON"T push that button, even after selecting time and date, the post will never publish.

Felicity Grace said...

I agree with Kate, it takes longer to do certain things so I can't see that as an improvement. It looks lovely and clean but I find it very frustrating.

Making A Mark said...

I think we probably all need to remember that we all found it a bit confusing when we started blogging.

What we're all confused about at the moment is that fact things aren't in their normal place.

However - re pages - at least pages now get a page to themselves rather than being on the same page as posts. How many people have still not realised that they have scope to have 10 whole pages of static data and images on their blog?

I'm trying to look at it from the perspective of whether I'd find it more easy or more difficult if I was starting out now.

In my view there's a few too many icons without word explanations but other than that I think it might ultimately be more straightforward

Making A Mark said...

The scheduled posts thing is the same as before David - although different format. We always had to press publish and I agree it takes people a long time to get up the confidence to do that.

Bonus - We also now get to time posts to the second! :)

Not so good - it doesn't take us to the scheduled posts page when it "publishes" to the future posts schedule

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

I think you're right, Katherine, it IS in getting used to it--and in their getting the bugs out. For a while there the little "edit" pencil went to a 404-page not found. Then they fixed that in the posts but not in the pages. Now that seems to be repaired. They had one new layout, then switched to a different one. I can get used to new things, I just don't want them change every week, it wastes too much of my time and unfortunately I already spend too much time online!

Have you given them feedback on the scheduled posts page, Katherine?

Making A Mark said...

Not yet

The thing is this is Blogger in Draft. It's not yet released to all users of Blogger. To my way of thinking if we use beta versions then we know we're going to encounter problems - and that's not surprising.

I tend to be circumspect. If it annoys me too much I shall just go back to using the old version until it's sorted.

In my experience it takes about three or four months for a new version to settle down - and this is a MAJOR humungous update in terms of design. I think the fact that the functionality is still pretty much the same makes it a lot easier to get to grips with the design changes.

Coming in at this stage ie after a lot of the initial glitches got sorted seems like a good time to start getting used to it.

I think it rolls out to everybody next month.

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

Yes, and I was using Blogger in Draft because I thought you HAD to, to have the new templates and design features--which apparently you did, for a while, and don't now, but I didn't realize it had changed!

I've got a former student who works for Google, so I often ask her about glitches or pass along bugs...nice to talk to a real person!

I'm glad I'm more familiar with it, and glad some of the bugs are indeed out now, still hoping they solve the accessibility issues. And as you said a few too many "guess what this means" icons. :-)

Making A Mark said...

It is confusing isn't it.

I think they need to make the access to "normal" Blogger (ie no betas) and Blogger in Draft more explicit and accessible.

I don't mind doing beta versions once they;re past the very buggy stages.

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