Thursday, October 28, 2010

65 Artists selected for Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize 2010

The judges have selected 68 works by 65 artists for the prestigious Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize 2010 Exhibition at Painters’ Hall in November.  This is an exhibition I always enjoy as it focuses on representational drawings and paintings with a bias towards the well drawn.
Created in 2005 with the Worshipful Company of Painter-Stainers and the Lynn Foundation. The purpose of the Prize is to encourage creative representational painting and promote the skill of draughtsmanship. This annual exhibition is open to all UK artists with prize money totalling £22,500 and an engraved gold medal for the winner.
The winner of the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize will be announced at the Private View.  You can see all 68 works in a slideshow on the Painter-Stainers website (scroll down) - although it's unclear which painting belongs to which artist as there are no credits on show.

Dennis Severs' House - Blue Chair by Ohla Pryymak (Olechko)
The selected artists are as follows.  I recognise a number of names of artists previously selected for various prestigious art competitions in London which I have covered for this blog.

Jaqueline Abel - Dark Flint
Roger Allen - Dew pond above Ballidon quarry
Lauren Archer - The chase
Matthew Baker - Semi detached
John Bartlett - Reconnaissance
Robert Bates - A memory of a time and place
Nicola Bealing - A Monkey Eating Stolen Noodles
Rebeca Byrne - Untitled
Rebecca Cains - Scrapped van on piled up tyres
David Caldwell - Self-portrait (painting)
Christopher Campbell - Fear for the days ahead (my mother's pain. 1946-2010)
Phillippa Clayden - The tale o'patrick cotter
Rosalind Davis - 8000 souls part II
Jeffrey Dennis - While I work
Gary Denny - Hegels happy hour
Thomas Doran - Party shop window; Goal and cone
Clara Drummond - Rose
Alicia Dubnyckyj - Manhattan III
David Dodsworth - Home
Wendy Elia - The Music Lesson
Peter Fleming - Proofing
Denzil Forrester - Family living
Leigh Glover - Flying high
Carolyn Gowdy - Shelves (follow your dream)
Judith Green - Living under blue skies IIIm Highgate
Paul Green - Living room and kitchen
Michael Greene - A willow
Alice Hall - Snow in London
Julia Hamilton - Girl on sofa
Stephen Harper - Ether
Emma Haworth - Wood keepers cottage
Malcolm K Hopper - Terraces
Marguerite Horner - Into the wilderness
Peiyuan Jiang - Byc
Hero Johnson - Effie's horse
Nicholas Jolly - The divine lightning conductor (annunciation)
Janet Kenyon - Reflected glory
Rachel Levitas - Urban fox III
A Lincoln Taber - Sir John Soanes museum, Greeting from Snowdon's summit
James Lloyd - Minotaur
Andrew Mackenzie - Building, trees 6
Dean Marsh - Little thing
Pete Marsh - Spring evening no2
Hynek Martinac - The same time London
Jennifer Merrell - Prom night
Malcolm Mitton - Bridge on the river Chater: autumn
Ishbel Myerscough - Fraser
Jay Oliver - Untitled 1
Morgan Penn - The critics
Daniel Preece - Interior
Olha Pryymak - Dennis Severs' house great bedroom; Dennis Severs' house blue chair
Stephen Read - Evening walk
Marie Robinson - Head dress
Patricia Rorie - Boreas, after Waterhouse
Melissa Scott-Miller - Back gardens, Islington
Donald Sholt - Americam Diorama
Renee Spierdijk - Daniella, 12 years old
Ann Spencer - The boiler room
Kitty Stirling - Allotment III
Sonia Stanyard - Violet Lodge
David Webb - Grey butterfly
David V Wheeler - Tiberis, quo vadis (view over the River Tiber, Rome)
Lisa Wright - Sunset girl
Peter Wylie - Goldfinger four (Le Corbusier flaking paint from villa La Roche)

The exhibition is at Painters Hall, 9 Little Trinity Lane, London EC4V 2AD between 15 November – 26 November 2010 (Open Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm; Admission free).  Therre are a number of events - of which more later.  It's organised by Parker Harris.

The exhibition will then tour to W. H. Patterson Gallery, 19 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4BB (29 November – 3 December 2010)

Links to previous posts about the Lynn Painter Stainer Prize and Exhibition
[Note:  I continue to refine my process for finding artists' website.  I'm now very strongly of the opinion that if an artist wants to be found online they will have made sure their website gets listed on the forst page of Google for a search on "artist (name of artist)". ]


    1. Thank you so much for using my picture in the post, as well as referencing all the possible participating artists sites - invaluable!

    2. My pleasure Olha - you did after all get two images into this year's exhibition! :)

    3. Many thanks from me too for linking to the selected artists sites, very helpful!


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