Friday, October 29, 2010

International Association of Pastel Societies - 17th Juried Exhibition 2010

This year for the first time, you can now see online the Seventeenth Juried Web Exhibition 2010 of the International Association of Pastel Societies.

The International Jurors who selected works for this 2010 Web Exhibition were Lorenzo Chavez, (Colorado, USA) Margaret Evans (Scotland)  and Bill Hosner (Michigan, USA).
First, Second and Third Place Winners, IAPS 17th Web Exhibition 2010

The Awards Judge was still life artist Claudia Seymour whose honours include President, Salmagundi Club, New York, New York, Master Circle Medal, International Association of Pastel Societies, Signature Membership, Pastel Society of America, Signature Membership, Connecticut Pastel Society and Signature Membership, Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod.

The award winners were:
  • First Place: Deborah Bays (Pastel Society of America)
  • Second Place: Brian Bailey (Pastel Society of America)
  • Third Place:  Marla Baggetta (Pastel Society of America)
  • Fourth Place: Jane Christie (Pastel Society of Colorado)
  • Fifth Place:  Sally Strand (Pastel Society of America)
Fourth and Fifth Place, IAPS 17th Juried Exhibition 2010
You can see all of these - plus click to see larger images - and also see the images by the rest of the selected artists by visiting The 2010 Web Exhibition website.

Pastel News - an excellent blogs about pastel matters - is listing some statistics which I can't find on the IAPS website but have no reason to suppose are not true.  To give you a sense of the size and nature of the entry, the statistics for the web show read as follows
  • a total of 850 paintings were entered in the show
  • of which 72 were selected for the exhibition.  Works selected included: 22 Landscapes, 20 portraits and figures, 19 still life and florals, 10 animals and one abstract work
  • Of these 66 are by pastel artists living in the USA. The remaining six works come from Canada (4) Sweden (1) and Australia (1). 
  • from 27 pastel societies which are members of the International Association of Pastel Societies (out of a total of 70 societies which are members)
  • Of these the Society with the most 'placed' members is, unsurprisingly, the Pastel Society of America; its artist members had 21 pastel works selected for  exhibition 
  • of which 7 works by PSA members are in the top 9 works
  • 12 pastel societies have more than one member in the show.  These are:  West Coast PSWC (6), Southeastern (5), Canada (4), Colorado (3), Connecticut (3), Maryland (3), Great Lakes (2), New Mexico (2), Maine (2), Adirondack (2), San Diego (2), Mid America (2)
It would be interesting to know what the geographical analysis is of the works entered. 

Pastel artists around the world will also doubtless be interested to see the prices of work on show!

This initiative by IAPS is very much to be welcomed and I hope they continue to do this for all future shows.


Unknown said...

Hi Katherine,

The statistics is not published by the IAPS, but is easily accessible by good old manual count :)
I agree that the really interesting statistics would come from those 850 entries, but that is up to IAPS.

Thanks for linking to my blog!!!

Casey Klahn said...

I averaged the prices for US works, and omitted the outliers - the ones I could see that were obviously out of the mean. The price, if expressed by the square inch, averages 7 dollars per. There were a number of the works in the 3 dollar ps/inch, and I also threw those out for my study.

Always great to see this selection, and I especially applaud Marla Bagetta for her work.

Making A Mark said...

Thanks Casey - I'm sure people will find that useful information

Of course there's a vast amount of difference between a price and a reciept for a sold work! However if one looks at artists' websites one can often see whether or not they are achieving their prices

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