Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Does your artistic creativity need a stimulus?

Benoit Phillipe (My French Easel) has produced an e-book Creative Exercises for Artists and Everyone Else which has all the makings of a 'standard' for those wishing to develop their artistic skills and creativity.

Benoit told me
This 36 page eBook is a collection of 17 practical exercises for artists. I have learnt some of them over the years and designed some to fulfil my own needs. I am a painter, so most of these exercises are visual ones. However, many of them do not require specific artistic skills and are suitable for anyone regardless of their age or level of artistic ability
I've taken a look at it and read all the exercises he identifies in this book. Those who have had some art school training or have had the benefit of tuition from good visual art tutors will recognise a number if not all of the exercises. However they are rarely all brought together like this in just one book.

I think Benoit has created a really helpful resource:
  • for hobby artists to share with their friends
  • for tutors to share with their classes
  • for semi-professional and professional artists to use as a 'wake-up' call if their creativity or art has lost a certain "je ne sais quoi"
The next best thing about this e-book is that it is FREE.

You can find out more about “Creative Exercises for Artists and Everyone Else” in his post Creative exercises for artists.

You can also:
  • read the book on screen as a slideshow (see below)
  • download it as a pdf file and read using Adobe Reader


  1. Katherine,

    Thank you so much for reviewing my eBook and helping to spread the word.



  2. Holy @#$%! The negative thinking exercise brought me right back to my Drawing I class. Good stuff.

  3. Fabulous exercises...... brought back memories and created new ones


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