Monday, March 29, 2010

Drawing London 2010

When I'm sketching I draw people all the time - and I particularly like drawing people in interiors or while they're eating or drinking. (I like drawing artists too - but that's another story!)

However I've not created drawings for exhibitions before which have included people.

Early Evening, Brokers Wine Bar (SOLD)
9" x 5" Coloured Pencils
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

The exhibition which opened today at the Brokers Wine Bar in Leadenhall Market includes two drawings by me of figures
  • Early Evening, Brokers Wine bar (see right) is of the place where the exhibition is being held
  • Just a Quick One (see below) is of the 'after work' drinkers outside the pub opposite. One sees so many more people standing around outside pubs since the ban on smoking started - and they're a captive audience for an artist! :)
It also struck me walking around the City of London recently how many former banks are now wine bars or restaurants.

I started taking photos of their entrances - and before I knew it, the germ of an idea for a new series had seeded itself in my brain.

However on the whole I'm more minded to stay with drawing people. So often when we draw urban areas we draw the buildings and leave out the people. In a city as large as London, when we draw London I think we need to draw the people too.

The Drawing London 2010 exhibition is on at the Brokers Wine Bar until June 2010.

Just a Quick One (£95)
5" x 9", coloured pencils on Studland mount board
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

(PS I've now finished doing my written submissions for the Planning Hearing and I now get a short break before the Hearing proper gets underway. So this blog will start to get back to normal!)