Saturday, March 06, 2010

Mac Matte displays and slamming fingers!

I was out at the Apple Mac Store yesterday - of which more later - came home and somehow managed to slam my heavy front door on my fingers. I ran cold water over them straight away but I've still developed a nice black nail above red swelling on my index finger! It throbs and cannot be used for typing and the middle finger means typing with difficulty. The two fingers affected are my mice clicking fingers so I'm slow in that department as well!

So there's going to be no posts until Monday while the finger recovers - and I clear a space for and set up a new machine!!!

I've discovered that there is an antiglare or matte Apple Mac screen. It's available as:
  • an antiglare option on the MacBook Pro 15" and MacBook Pro 17" - not too expensive as an add on.
  • a 30" HD flat panel screen with over 4 million digital pixels displaying 16.7 million colours - and costing £1,199!!! It's very, very nice - but not quite nice enough for me to spend that sort of money! Incidentally it doesn't say anyhwere that it's matte - but neither does it say that it's glossy and I sat in front of one yesterday and it's excellent for viewing and it's very definitely matte. These are the reviews
Now I just need to go and get some foam and a finger stall - and collect a new machine!

See previous posts on the Apple investigations - and all the incredibly helpful advice and comments received to date.


Liz Steel said...

Oh! how awful for your poor hands - rest up and hope they improve quickly!

Robyn Sinclair said...

Ouch! So sorry to hear about your fingers, Katherine.

I tried to post from my iPod Touch on your Buy a Mac or PC debate as I was away from my laptop. Anyway you already know how much I would approve your purchase of a Mac.

I am on to my fifth Mac - having started with the very first model they produced then moved to the very first 'portable' which cost more than a small car at the time! Anyway I've never had to buy a new Mac through failure of the hardware but always through lust for the newer technology. My current PowerBook G4 laptop is over 5 years old and could probably do with an extra 1GB of RAM because the newer applications and video are so RAM hungry. We now have three Macs - HWEM is currently writing a script on his 8 year old eMac which smokes 40 cigarettes a day and has never let him down!

Yes, I've warned him about the smoking!!

SamArtDog said...


YAY MAC! You bought a wonderful get-well present for yourself. Good impetus to get better.

Sophie said...

Ouch - poor you! Don't worry; this minimalist keyboard I've got since last week requires hardly any effort, it types very light! Did I miss anything; what mac have you decided to go for??
I've been playing around on my imac 27" since last week and loving it. Some things take a little time to find/get used to, but others are a dream.
Take care of yourself!

Pat said...

Ouch, So sorry about the boo boo! Can't wait to hear more about the Mac.

Linda said...

Sorry about your fingers—keep the ice available.

I've been a Mac aficionado for twenty years and only used a PC when at work. And then spent time moaning about the "muddle" of a PC.

They, the MAcs of course, are intuitive machines—and love to display a broad array of colors in a dramatic fashion. The keyboard only takes five minutes to get used to and the screen is brilliant, but not garish and filled with glare.

I, too, often lust for the newest model.

Bethany Dirksen said...

Blogging hazard! I never thought about accidents impairing our ability to blog. Take care and nurse those little guys!

adebanji said...

Get well soon!

Making A Mark said...

Finger is a lot better today. Looks disgusting but isn't anywhere near as painful - plus new keyboard helps

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