Sunday, March 28, 2010

Not waving but ever so slightly drowning...

Leadenhall Market (£150) sold
10" x 7", pen and sepia ink and coloured pencils
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

For those wondering where my posts have got to, I'm afraid I'm still completely submerged in local government planning strategies, policies and planning documents relating to where I live. The Formal Hearing in front of the Planning Inspector is in April and tomorrow is the deadline for written submissions.

Drawing London 2010 - exhibition opens tomorrow

That and the fact that I've got work in an exhibition opening tomorrow which still need their mats cut! Which is where the pen and ink drawing of Leadenhall market comes in.

The Drawing London 2010 exhibition is in the Brokers Wine Bar in Leadenhall Market in the City of London (see the drawing above!). The exhibition opens tomorrow and continues until June.

The Best Books about Watercolour Painting

In the meantime - continuing the slightly watery theme of the title for this post - can I recommend to you the comments which have been coming in on Which are the best art books about watercolour painting?

I've been absolutely fascinated to find out about the books you recommend which I didn't even know existed. As a result I couldn't wait(!) and have started to create my new 'resources for artists' information site in my 'breaks' to provide some light relief from spatial planning strategies for town centres!

This is The Best Books about Watercolour Painting. Descriptions relate to product descriptions. I'm adding in my personal notes and the names of the people who recommend each book and their comments as the recommendations come in. I'm also linking to their blogs or websites as appropriate as I really do appreciate the thought that has gone into these recommendations.

What I've done is split out the books into categories on a 'like by like' basis. I'd be interested to know whether you think I've got it right.

In starting to construct the listing, I've also been very struck by how some categories of instructions books about watercolour painting (on Amazon) are swamped by lots of very basic/mediocre books (which are not being listed on my site!) but actually have very few books of a good calibre.

Can you guess which ones I mean?


  1. Yes, brilliant. love the subject matter too

  2. I've heard it said of people that they can talk underwater but you can obviously draw under water! Leadenhall is a beautiful drawing, Katherine. I wish I could see it hung.
    Hang in there, there has to be an end and hopefully a positive outcome from all your civic chores.

  3. How did I know the watery theme would be so relevant - I've got to leave to take the pics to the exhibition and it's raining cats and dogs!

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  5. Katherine - I left a comment the other day but somehow it has not got through ...
    I really love this picture. Such beautiful colours and a semi abstract feel with all the intersecting lines. I could happily live with it on my wall!


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