Monday, November 03, 2008

MaM Poll: How much art have you sold via your blog or website?

Drawing a Head 16th October 2008
10" x 12", pen and pigment ink on Canson Bristol Graphic 250gsm

copyright Katherine Tyrrell

"How much art have you sold via your blog/website in the last year? is the question being asked in the November Making A Mark Poll. You can find the poll in the column on the right.

I know from the very first poll I did that artists are selling through their personal blogs and websites. However what's always intrigued me is whether or not this is an odd sale or regular sales. So I decided to convert my intrigue into the subject of a poll - mainly because I suspected I wasn't the only person who'd like to know the answer!

There are number of different ways of approaching this. I've decided to start with a more general question which attempts to 'size' sales according to the number of items sold in the last 12 months only. I tend to find it's something people tend to be quite coy about and hopefully complete anonymity in responding to the question will help get a better quality answer.

The poll responses to the question "How much art have you sold via your blog/website in the last year? are as follows:
  • I don't try to sell art from my blog/website
  • I try to sell - but have had no success
  • Less than 5 items in the last year
  • Between 5 and 10 items in the last year
  • Between 10 and 25 items in the last year
  • Between 25 and 100 items in the last year
  • More than 100 items in the last year
As I see it, the main benefit of this will be that people can then view their own sales results (in terms of items sold) within a wider context. For those looking for options in the face of a global recession, this could help to give an artists an idea of how they are doing in terms of marketing and selling their art via their blog and/or website.

For the purposes of this poll, I've decided that sales where the blog/website redirects to ebay or similar for the purchase to be completed should be included.

What do you think makes a difference?

It would be very interesting to know what people think makes a difference to whether or not they are successful in selling their art via their blog and/or website.

If you have a perspective on what helps and what hinders please share your views with readers of this blog via the comments function. I'll then summarise your responses when providing feedback on the poll at the beginning of December.

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  1. I've gotten 6 commissions from my website this past year. I advertise on Craigslist and direct them to my website. But I sell most of my work through art/craft shows and People really like to meet & talk with me regarding my drawings...and always asking me if I'm local, they like that a lot!

  2. Great idea for a poll Kathryn. It prompted me to scroll back through my blog and I realised I have been offering blog paintings for sale for just under a year now with 7 out of the 21 sold. As a beginner I am pretty happy with that, painting practice has always been my main priority so the sales are a nice bonus.

    I haven't put much effort into marketing my blog but it is something I am beginning to think about. Most of my sales have gone to people who keep an eye on my blog because they know me; I would like to know how I can reach beyond those whom I know. For instance I am wondering how much eBay can help to reach more collectors?

  3. Interesting about the Craigslist!

    I'm hoping this post might generate more comments from people telling us what works for them

    For example - Triecia asks wonders whether eBay connected to her blog might help?

    What do people think?

  4. I have sold and received commissions for portraits through my blog more than through my web site. As a daily blogger, you tend to build up a following of people who share the same interests. Over time relationships are formed and people become more comfortable to place an internet order or make an Internet purchase from an artist.

    I use Etsy as a storefront where people can buy greeting cards and small paintings.

    Ebay did not work for me and I have not tried Craigslist.

    Katherine - you have a wonderful informative blog!

  5. I have sold all but two pieces of my art from my website. However, I have sent newsletters directing those I know to the site. All of the collectors are connected to me in some respect. No strangers have approached me.


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