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ING Discerning Eye 2008 - Prizewinners

The prizewinners in the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition have now been announced.

The major prize, the ING Purchase Prize (£5,000) has been awarded to Hedge-garden, August (1/48) by Cedric Huson.

'Hedge Garden' by Cedric Huson
copyright the artist
reproduced by permission Parker Harris

I found Cedric Huson's work (see below) to be absolutely intriguing. There were few sets of paintings which made me stand and stare - but his work did. I then edged in a bit closer and stared a bit more - and then a bit more.....

I wrote down 'fantasy gardens with curious objects' in my catalogue. They made me think of classic English detective stories and an English garden maze which has had a near encounter with the Reverend Dodgson. Why are the objects there and who put them there? Curiouser and curiouser was certainly my reaction the longer I looked at them.

The winning painting (above right) is the one that is top left in the set of six paintings by Huson below. It's a very powerful series with each adding weight to the others.

Cedric Huson graduated from the Royal Academy Schools in 1978 and now based in Fife north west of Abderdeen. Besides the artwork in the exhibition, you can see more of his artwork in his entry on the axis website. Judging by the similar works on this website, this is acrylic paint and varnish on board. Cedric Huson was invited to exhibit by Fred Cuming.

Works by Cedric Huson - in the 2008 Discerning Eye exhibition
all work copyright Cedric Huson

The other prizes were awarded as follows. You can see all the works by viewing them in the online gallery on the exhibition website. I've indicated which curator's gallery you need to look in and then it's just a question of 'clicking' through until you get to the right number. (Tip - start at the end and move backwards for the higher numbered works!). Wherever possible I've provided a link to the artist's website or one associated with the artist.

The Discernin
g Eye Founder’s Prize (Purchase Prize in honour of Michael Reynolds) - Nick Botting, Full house at the Palladium (3/9)

Nick Botting was invited to exhibit by Bob Benton. He graduated from the University of Kent with a degree in visual arts in 1963 and has been in a number of solo and group exhibitions including the BP Portrait and Discerning Eye in previous years..

The Discerning Eye Chairman's Purchase Prize (£1,000) - Michael Ewart, Street corner wet weather (3/36)

Michael Ewart was invited to exhibit by Bob Benton. He lives in Ashington in Northumberland and has devoted his time to painting since retiring as a teacher.

Meynell Fenton Prize
(£1,000) - Trinidad Ball, Physalis (4/4)

Trinidad Ball's work was selected by Brenda Fenton from the open submission. There's a lot more summer fruits on her website including a good image of her prize-winning painting. She was born in Spain but did ger art training in London and now lives in England.

The Benton Purchase Prize (£1000) - Sasha Bowles, In blue boots (3/13)

Sasha Bowles oil painting of a child in blue boots was selected by Bob Benton from the open submission. Her artist statement explains her motivation behind her narrative paintings. She trained at Central St Martins and Byan Shaw. This is a link to paintings from the last 12 months.

The Humphreys Purchase Prize
(£750) - Judith Gardner, Landscape rain clouds (1/28)

Judith Gardner had two works selected from the open submission by Fred Cuming. You can see more of her work on the Red Rag Gallery website.

The Arts Club Prize
- Nadav Kander Sophie Loren (6/54 ), Giorgio Armani 1 (6/55 ), Christopher Lee (6/56 ), David Beckham (6/57 ), David Lynch 1 (6/58), Boy George (6/59)

I highlighted Nadav Kander's photographs in ING Discerning Eye 2008 - a review and I'm not surprised they won a prize. They were arresting images. Nadav was invited to exhibit by Robin Morgan

The 2008 David Gluck Memorial Bursary (£1000) - Alexandra Blum

Drawings of Dalston Construction by Alexandra Blum
copyright the artist
reproduced by permission Parker Harris

I'm always particularly interested in the contenders for the Drawing Bursary which is always exhibited in the small room at the back of the North Gallery.

This year I thought there were a couple pf strong contenders and Alexandra Blum was one of them - hence why I have a photograph of her four drawings of construction taking place in Dalston in East London! The other reason being that I strongly connect with her project of mapping urban space.

The photograph of course only gives you a sense of the drawings, however you can see them much better on in the dalston series gallery on her website. Note her comments about the reasons behind the drawings. The drawings themselves have been made in a sketchbook and the pages removed prior to framing. Alexandra now lives and works in London although she has studied and worked in a number of different countries.

Regional prizes totaling £2,000
  • East Anglia: Frances Mann, Sundog and Joe’s Mill, evening (2/54) - this work was selected by Anita Klein from the open submission. Frances Mann exhibits with the Cadogan Contemporary.
  • London & South East: Julie Collins, Barrafundle (5/6) - Julie Collins was selected by Frances Carey from the open submission. She graduated with a degree in fine art from Reading and is the author of the best-selling Painting Flowers with Impact and Colour Mixing Index.
  • Midlands: Val Pitchford ARBSA, Work in progress (4/68) - Val Pitchford's work was selected by Brenda Fenton from the open submission. Her studio is on the Malern Hills and her work leans towards abstract landscapes.
  • North: Kathy Little, Indian summer (2/49) Kathy Little's bright and colourful abstract was selected by Anita Klein.
  • N Ireland: Mark Shields, Gypsy (4/77) Mark Sheild was invited to exhibit by Brenda fenton. He currently lives and works in Belfast and has exhibited widely and internationally.
  • Scotland: Lesley Banks, Through the door - afternoon (6/10) Lesley Banks was selected by Robin Morgan from the open submission.
  • Wales: David Randal Davies, Two Welsh miners (4/70) - David Randal Davies's painting was chosen by Brenda Fenton from the open submission. He comes from th Gower in South Wales and has exhibited widely in England, Wales, London and Berlin. He mainly paints people in ordinary situations.
  • West Country: Ann Armitage, Around Botallack (1/4) - Ann Armitage was invited to exhibit by Fred Cuming. Her landscape paintings are painted from memory.
I'd like to offer my congratulations to all those winning prizes and my thanks to Parker Harris and the Mall Galleries for their assistance in developing this post and ING Discerning Eye 2008 - a review on Thursday.

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  1. fantastic, really the best of show got the prizes, alas many of them were invited artists, so I don't know what to think about that, although mostly they are standing above everybody else in terms of quality. In my humble opinion from the open submission particularly Lesley Banks and Sasha Bowles deserved their prizes! It was a great experience to participate and learn tons of new stuff at the show. Looking forward to checking it out again before 23rd!


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