Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How to choose a painting holiday

This week I've got a short series of posts about painting holidays.
Monterchi Vines
8" x 10", coloured pencil on Arches HP

copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Since my first painting holiday in Provence in 1989, I've been on a number of painting holidays in a wide variety of locations with various organisations and tutors. There's a vast number out there creating 'the best painting holiday ever' and there's an awful lot of options to choose from in terms of locations, organisations and tutors.

My experience over the years has taught me that there are a number of things to bear in mind when reviewing advertisements and literature. What I've tried to do is share an of outline some of the things to think about and mini checklists of questions to ask if you fancy the idea of booking a painting holiday.

In summary, good questions to to ask fall into three categories - as set out below.

Is this a business-like operation?
  • How long has the painting holiday business been operating?
  • How well qualified are they to deliver a painting holiday?
  • What does the documentation say?
Is the tutor competent and effective?
  • What sort of work does the tutor do?
  • What sort of approach is proposed?
  • How much time is given over to painting?
  • How much time is given to each student?
Do the logistics work for you?
  • Accommodation and meals: what's included?
  • Travel - what's included?
  • Insurance - how does this work?
  • Where are essential local facilities?
As this is a longer than normal(!) article I've decided to publish it as an article in pdf format on my website. It's available as a free download from A Making A Mark Guide - Painting Holidays.